Authenticity, Improved Communication and a Deeper, more Fulfilling Life

Countless books and articles have been written on communication that explain why sending the right message is so important. They try to teach us how to send exactly the message we want. Authors often stress the importance of being concise, precise, and specific in choosing our words, regardless of whether we write them or speak them. They tell us that this is the best way to get your point across to your audience.
Sometimes we practice what we are going to say. Often we write drafts of our memos and speeches to make sure we use the right words. All this is done to make sure we send the right message, and that we are understood. There have been times in my life that regardless of following communication advise things get rattled, confused and downright messy.
As a Minister, Spiritual Coach and Metaphysical Practitioner, there is a beautiful flow of hearing, receiving, being understood and facilitating change with my clients and students. It’s out in the world where diversity, cultural awareness, stress and busyness and surrounding conditions seem to affect how we relay communication to one another.
I most recently had a 3 month contract as a Business Advisor for a government funded entrepreneur program. I had been facilitating there for two years so when offered an opportunity to work with the clients one-on-one I was thrilled. It was only 3 days a week and left sufficient time for me to continue serving my personal clients from my healing practice.
As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, there is a real satisfaction that comes with supporting and guiding others to create their visions. I loved the clients I worked with, there excitement and ideas. Within a month a strange dynamic with the staff began to take place, communication became strained and at one point was unbearable. From that point on we never seem to got back on track. I really put myself out there, begging for open dialogue, contact, communication….anything to resolve this uncomfortable feeling, NOTHING! For the life of me I just could not figure it out. How could I have vibrant and satisfying relationships with my clients in the program and not the staff working there?
So I prayed, sent love and held the energy for things to open up and change. They did, but not with the staff members or our communications. Instead a beautiful, young entrepreneur from the program,  beginning a healing practice Angelika Bendrich ~ Fundamentals Of Life:   gifted me with a free workshop called:

“Living from Truth – Getting Yourself Understood”

In the words of the facilitator Anjali Hill, ” People often feel victim to their own relationships not realizing that they can do something about them. Not only can you do something about them, you can change them! You have known people who put the responsibility on others to understand them and get angry when they feel misunderstood. In ‘Getting Yourself Understood’ you create ways to express yourself that leave you feeling very satisfied and able to do what is required to bring about real understanding in your relationships.”

Taking Living from Truth is an investment that you will use every day of your life. As a facilitator and Metaphysical Practitioner myself, meeting Anjali was a real privilege. She goes with the flow of the group, is genuine, has fantastic knowledge and leads with compassion. She embodies the kind of knowledge that comes from dedicated practice and unwavering self honesty. When I met her, simply being in her presence caused an inner stirring and excitement of what the weekend would hold.
So where am I only two days after the classes? I now understand the importance of completing communication cycles, heck now I know what a communication cycle is! I know how to ask for clarification without having to ask half a dozen questions, I can assist others in getting their point across simply by holding the space for them to do so and I can pinpoint exactly where communications break down. I now know never to try to communicate into a space that is unwilling or unable to understand, and have left my part-time Advisor position. Most importantly,  I have already used several of the tools successfully and will continue to do so.
Anjali Hill is a very generous woman and gives back to the community. Her commitment to assist individuals to Live in Truth is unprecedented which is demonstrated through her generosity of offering everyone their first course absolutely free with no strings attached…what a fantastic gift to the consciousness of our planet.
For more information on workshop schedules and to download a free gift certificate:

I send my love and gratitude for Angelika whose gift improved my life, to Anjali who preciousness and love changes our world and to God who answered my calls for assistance.

3 thoughts on “Authenticity, Improved Communication and a Deeper, more Fulfilling Life

  1. Carol,
    I can’t agree more. I too was at the workshop and felt an amazing shift within myself.
    I feel more empowered knowing about the communication cycle, how to set the intent to be clear about what I want to say and to make sure the other person understands what I’m saying. And even though people in my life don’t have this way of communicating, I now have better tools to improve my relationship with them. It is my responsibility to be present and to accept others’ presence and reality and to listen without judgement or opinions. I’ve been working on this in my own way but Anjali’s process allowed it to settle a little deeper.
    I was using it in a classroom the other day with some chatty grade 4s and I was able to respond differently, and I think more effectively.
    There was such a genuine kindness and love that Anjali demonstrated; she was truly engaging with each person as a conscious being, providing support when needed. Relax, breathe and don’t take another’s response personally – check out the course to find out how.
    I am very grateful to Carol, Angelica and Anjali and her team, and for Spirit for providing this wonderful addition to my journey.
    love and blessings, Ann

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