Cleansing and Detoxifying before Hep C

Hi Everyone,

I would like to start by thanking you all for your, phone calls,  love and prayers during this time, I know they have made a huge difference in my process. I have had an excellent week, considering the side effects that accompany these nasty medications. I strongly believe that it is due to the cleansing and detoxifying I did before I started and the supplementation I have been using as a support system during the Hep C allopathic protocol.

Today I wanted to start out by discussing a little about the importance of cleansing and detoxing the body and how to do that. I know it can be confusing at times, there are so many products out there and so many people have their own opinions. In my next blog I will update you on the symptoms I experienced during my first 2 weeks and how I was able to reduce and cope with them thanks to supplementation.

Parasite cleanses, colon cleanses, liver cleanses, blood cleanses, kidney cleanse, lymph cleanses…yikes, where does a person start! I can only speak to you as a professional holistic health practitioner who has had a practice for 20 plus years. I am one of those “walk your talk” kinda gals, so I follow my own advice. I have facilitated 100’s of people back to excellent health and get phone calls almost weekly on how well they are doing…that reminds me I gotta update my testimonials! The thing to remember here is that everyone is unique and individual; depending on your body type, diet, exercise, food sensitivities and lifestyle. These factors must be considered in the products and choices that you make so as not to disturb the natural balance of things and make a situation worst by going into a healing crisis. This occurs when the cells release toxins into circulation but the elimination organs (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, bladder & GI tract) are not able to eliminate them quickly enough. The toxins remain in circulation and can affect the brain stem region leading to nausea, poor coordination, headaches, fatigue, malaise, fever, etc.

When it was finally determined I did indeed have Hep C, I went to town on trying to eradicate the virus holistically. I have seen it work for some of my clients so I knew it was possible. Since I have been doing regular cleansing for years I knew a basic protocol would be the best place for me to start. For most people who are free of metal poisonings I would start with the liver. I have removed lead, aluminum, sodium fluoride, dioxin, nickel, arsenic, cobalt and mercury from my body. Thank God, because to do all this detoxing takes time.

This article on Life Extensions  is great and explains how heavy metals become toxic when they are not metabolized by the body and accumulate in the soft tissues and how we are exposed via food, water, air, or absorption through the skin in agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, industrial, or residential settings.

Last summer I did a Candida Cleanse because my symptoms were similar to those of Hep C, so that was also under my belt…thank God, because this one can be a real challenge.

So where did I start? Liver, Kidneys, Gut and a natural remedy for interferon!

The liver is your body’s main detoxifying engine. Its job is to rid our bodies of the toxins we are all exposed to daily. If you nurture your liver with a liver cleanse diet and herbal liver cleanse supplements, it will work wonders to keep you healthy.

Since we are routinely exposed to thousands of different chemicals through the air we breathe, cosmetics, personal care products, medications, the water we drink, and the foods we eat it’s a good placed to start. Our liver has to deal with the toxic load or what we ingest

Liver Cleanse Protocol

The best way to eat for a liver cleanse is to incorporate fresh foods, chemical and preservative free foods and stay away from processed foods. You have to be a label reader! Do you know how many times a client says, “How did I get that? I don’t eat or use msg”.  A simple wakeup call is always to go over and we read the labels of the product in their homes together…every single time there is shock and dismay.


When  your liver wants to get rid of a toxin, it dumps it into the digestive tract. If there is enough fiber around, this toxin is taken out of your body with your next bowel movement; if not, these toxins can be reabsorbed into the blood stream and the liver has to deal with them again. Whole grains are a great source of fiber, as are many fruits and vegetables. Using ground flax or psyllium seeds is a great way to ensure you are getting enough fiber during your liver cleanse diet. If eating enough fiber is not possible, you can always use a fiber supplement.


While a liver cleanse detox diet is one that focuses a lot on vegetables and fruits, make sure you are also getting enough protein. The liver, especially, needs to have enough proteins in order to function well.

Good sources of proteins include beans, nuts, and fish. Eating small portions of beef, chicken and other animal proteins is okay occasionally, but try broiling these meats or eating them in a stew or soup.


Make sure you are getting enough good omega 3 oils such as those found in fish or fish oils. We typically over-consume the omega 6 oils found in most cooking oils and need to balance them by supplementing with omega 3 oils.

When cooking, Grape seed oil or coconut oil. Olive oil is a very stable fat, but does not handle heat well. I usually only stream or do raw but occasionally you need something more flavourful, right? You can sauté veggies on high heat with coconut oil to give them a little caramelization then turn the heat right down and add a little olive oil to finish.

Foods to Avoid

  • Refined carbohydrates such as white flour
  • pasta
  • cookies
  • cakes
  • crackers
  • Soft drinks
  • Fruit juices can also spike the blood sugar
  • Deep fried foods
  • fast foods
  • junk foods should
  • saturated fats, trans-fats (hydrogenated oils such as margarine)
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Aspartame, Splenda ®, or any other artificial sweetener
  • Shellfish and other seafood such as lobster and crab can have high amount of mercury
  • Any fish that has been farm-raised has the potential to have antibiotics and other chemicals
  • Processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, and luncheon meats all contain nitrates and other preservatives
  • Smoking is definitely out when doing a liver cleanses
  • Caffeine is a mixed bag. Limit your coffee to a one cup a day during your liver cleanse, and try to switch to green tea, which has so many side benefits
  • Do not drink alcohol, because it can further damage your already diseased liver


Interferon is a substance produced by the body’s white cells to fight infections, cancer, allergies and toxic chemical poisoning. It can be made artificially and injected for some cancers and viral infections like HIV and hepatitis C, however there are side effects. I tried a natural way to stimulate my body to produce interferon naturally.

According to one of the most amazing women I have ever met, Hanna Kroeger:

Your immune system is your body’s powerful defense against infections of all kinds – bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids. As long as your immune system is working, none of these invaders can harm you. The thymus gland , which is the seat of your immune system, the spleen and the thyroid are the primary organs that contribute to the immune system. As we get older, the immune system becomes less powerful, less able to throw off infections. The immune system also suffers under the influence of chemicals, pesticides, chemotherapy, food scanners and radiation of all kinds.

To clear fungus & viruses use cottage cheese or interferon recipe : Blend together and eat daily:

1 pint of cottage cheese with 5 tablespoons walnut, apricot or almond oil for 3 weeks

So what products are reliable and safe?

When I worked for Bioforce Canada in 1994-1996 to company sent me to Switzerland to witness the miracle of the A.Vogel production process. I have to say that the moment I saw the level of expertise, genuine passion, and integrity of the product, I have personally used them since. They are some of the best products on the market and you can expect fantastic results from any and all of them. My teacher Hanna loved Dr. Vogel.

It is truly a shame that he had passed away before my visit, I would have loved to have met him.

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The products I used for my cleanse were:

My personal favourite with a combination of herbs that works synergistically for the liver and gall bladder is Boldocynara.

While I did my Candida cleanse and during my liver cleanse I found that Molkosan really helped with acid reflux and rebuilding my intestinal flora.

I used a combination of Cystoforce which contains Uva-ursi to cleanse my kidneys after I had completed the 21 day liver cleanse. It is one of the best urinary antiseptics. Used extensively in herbal medicine since the 2nd century, uva-ursi is primarily used to help disinfect and astringe the kidneys. Uva-ursi was also traditionally smoked along with tobacco. Uva-ursi has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Other personal favourites: A.Vogel remedies for stomach, liver and intestines:


Here is a good place to start for some ideas:

You will find a ton of excellent information and great recipes on Dr. Mirkin’s website:

Ten best Foods:

Foods For Liver: 10 Foods For A Healthy And Clean Liver

Signs and Symptoms of Ten Common Liver Diseases

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about Hep C and my process or any of the products I have listed.

Wishing you all Peace and Well-Being,



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