New Foods for Surviving Hep C

Hi All,

I thought I’d better get back at it, people are beginning to wonder if I’m OK. I am in my 8th week of therapy and I have to say it certainly hasn’t been the wonderful walk in the park I was expecting. While trying to come up with a perspective or way to explain the many feelings, emotions and symptoms to a friend, I came up was is an analogy that is little odd, but most people at some point and time in their lives can relate and  understand this…

I looked at her, cocked my head and said, “Have you ever had a really, really bad hangover, the kind that takes you 3 days to recuperate from? You feel so sick, barely getting out of bed, wanting to eat junk food, ’cause it’s easier than making a meal, somehow a salad and the work that goes into one just doesn’t cut it? The kind where you lounge around or sleep, watching mindless TV, then the guilting yourself out for the poor use of your life-force, time, expression and flogging yourself for the beautiful weekend you just wasted begins.” She looked at me and shook her head in acknowledgment and added “oh, yes, I know that one and…whenever I have done it, the good times hardly justified the days after pain that followed!”

So I feel like I’ve had a major hangover for 8 weeks. Yes I can function, my mornings being the most productive. The other issues can be a little more wearing, the constant headaches, feverishness and sudden energy drops. My body also appears to need food, when it needs food…like NOW or…you’re gonna crash! I’ve discovered that the weird thing I feel in my stomach that is a mixture of nausea and some funky sugar/adrenaline rush means “eat NOW, or suffer.” I’m not talking about suffering down the road, if I do not consume food within 10 minutes of that signal…I’m down, laying on the ground, rolling around suffering, headache, fever, nausea and I can’t even begin to describe some of the other symptoms…so I got to learn to listen to my body pretty well if I want to have life while treating this virus.

I have been a very conscious eater for at least 20 years. So when someone (nurse) says, “you need to eat 20 grams of fat before you take your medication.” I have to admit it’s been a challenge. The first week realized, wow we are low fat eaters, how am I gonna do this? John would say, “Have almond butter and toast.” I check it out, 1 gram of fat in the bread we buy, 8.5 grams in a tablespoon of almond oil, 2 grams in the yogurt, God, it was hard.

It’s easy finding unhealthy fat…bacon, eggs, toast…hmmm, hash browns! The real challenge finding healthy fats without consuming sooo much food.  Remember the weird hangover systems…not wanting to cook, having prepared food, too sick to get off the couch? This is the issue with this medication I’m on. The thought of eating is bad enough, but having to get up and cook it, yikes…I likely wouldn’t be eating much if I didn’t have to have the 20 grams of fat with my medication twice daily.

I decided to come up with a few dishes that can be made with healthy fats, taste good and keep well either in the refrigerator for a couple days or I can freeze. I do my interferon injection on Thursdays now, that way I function somewhat normally during the week and my two worst days are Sat. and Sun. On those days it’s takes every ounce of consciousness just to keep myself hydrated and food is the last thing I care about…some days I say, “Grill cheese with onions on sprouted bread, cooked in olive oil…ketchup, please, oh and I need it 5 minutes ago.” Yes on those days, just making myself a sandwich can be tough…ugh! John has the patience of a Saint, maybe I’ll start calling him St. John!

So here’s a few things I have come up with that might help the rest of you with healthy, tasty, nutritional food that had fat…but the good kind.

I created this base that I could use in other things. o be honest I didn’t really measure anything but I don’t think you can go too wrong with it. You begin by caramelizing onions in coconut oil in one frying pan, do the same with tomatoes in another pan. I added some salt, pepper, thyme, and xylitol as a sweetening agent. While they were frying I slice some zucchini and fried that as well. I added all three together and tossed with olive oil to finish. It is tasty and a good way to add something with fat to another dish to add flavour.

zuc, onion, tomatoThe same day I made a vegetable bean salad and used 1/2 the beans to make a bean dip. I love the magic bullet for stuff like that!

For the salad, just put in whatever veggies you prefer and add beans. I added lupins, chick peas and white kidney beans. I use a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar, linseed oil, olive oil and Italian spices. It lasts 4 days and is fast and easy to grab when you are in a hurry.

veg and bean saladThe bean dip is simply the same beans with sun dried tomatoes that come in olive oil, lemon juice, brags seasoning and then blended in the bullet…sometimes you have to add water to get the right consistency.

bean dip bullet bean dip with salad

Lets see, oh the pizza is a great way to get fat, and some healthy veggies too. We use sprouted grain tortillas as the crust. The trick is to use cornmeal on the pan so it gets crunchy, coconut oil between the tortillas and cook at 425 for 15 minutes. I used some of the zucchini, onion, tomato mixture on mine. Check it out:

I tried my hand at chicken lettuce wraps as well. They were awesome. I froze some in containers for later. I guess you could add dry noodles or a tortilla instead of the lettuce if you wanted to. This is the recipe I used:

I added more veggies than it called for and more healthy oils.

food art 010I don’t eat much pasta but decided it would be another way to make something different that I could add health fat too. I just made a spelt pasta and added olive oil, asiago cheese, roasted garlic, kale and some of the zucchini, onion, tomato mix I made previously…added some prawns for protein.

pasta with prawnsSmoothies are a good way of getting all your nutrient in at once and I simply add my fat to it as well. They become boring and take some time to do right but, they are far better than that weird “On the Go” stuff the drug company tried to pawn off on me. You’ll get the idea when you see the pictures. I usually include my bio-K, flax oil, protein and supplements all at the same time with some frozen fruit.

paradigm shift 012paradigm shift 015

And last but not least I did the homemade chia and organic spelt flour muffins. I usually bake 24 and freeze them so we have them on hand as needed. I have attached both recipes from my candida blog in case you want to try them…they are good.

food art 002 food art 005 food art 007 food art 008

Well that’s about all I can get out for today, getting that signal from my body to go eat…NOW, so off to have some bean dip on celery while my soup warms up. OMG, have I got a story for you on the next blog…will try to get going on it in the next few day…stay posted!

Enjoy some of these new food ideas, till later in the week, over and out…



20 thoughts on “New Foods for Surviving Hep C

  1. Hi Sweet Carol.
    Thank you so much for your due diligence. May I suggest coconut oil in your smoothie also.
    I am following you and crossing my fingers for you dear heart.
    Much love

  2. ________________________________ Your food ideas are brilliant Carol. Hope you’re soon feeling better!

    Helen Carol’s Tips for Empowerment posted: “Hi All, I thought I’d better get back at it, people are beginning to wonder if I’m OK. I am in my 8th week of therapy and I have to say it certainly hasn’t been the wonderful walk in the park I was expecting. While trying to come up with a perspective “

  3. Hi Carol:

    You are in my prayers and Reiki healing is being sent your way. I wish you much strength to fight this and win. Would avocado be good source of good fat???

    I did not see your painting????

    Keep up the good fight – Rooting for you.
    Love, Sheila

    • Great, yes I do eat an avocado a day, thanks for putting that out there, I forgot to include my avocado salsa and guacamole. I love it just with tomato and sprouts on bread!

  4. good morning Carol

    re our conversation this morning and the sense of redirect we were getting. (8 weeks only for you)
    I was thinking afterwards that the redirects were there for you and the Dr and others to look at the tests/forms ie the viral one more closely, like you did the other day to discover they were testing for Hep B, not C.
    So often I have found for myself that I tend to skim over things, presuming that it’s what it says it is but when I look carefully, I see an error. Something for the specialist especially to look at. So glad you caught it now!!

    painting detail of bird is awesome!
    lots of love

    • Thanks for that Ann, I get I’m complete as well, nice to finish on a full moon. I will slowly reduce my meds, spirit says the virus is gone, just don’t wanna put my body in shock. I’m looking forward to being myself or another aspect of myself again…carol

  5. keep the faith Carol. – sometimes difficult to do when faced with a consuming health challenge.
    As they say in 12 step programs, one day at a time.;

    love Beverly

  6. So happy to hear that Y-O-U are the most important person in your life right now. Are you up for some company ? I can give you a massage if you are up to it.

  7. Hey cuz

    Thinking about you today and that it has been a while since we talked or wrote. Things are busy here as we are getting a condo we bought 3 years ago so all the running around and chasing documents. Then weddings on the weekend and the new job! Ugh!

    Glad to hear you are concentrating on healing! I still send out my prayers for your good health!

    Off for a walk with Theresa.

    Big Hug, Juanita

  8. Hi carol,

    Thanks for email. I really think about you a lot and wonder what you’re up to. Sometimes I really need to talk to someone like you. We all need you.

    Let me know what’s happening and hoping to see you soon.


    I still have the painting you made me on my wall and screen saver
    Beautiful painting

    Darryl Segal

  9. Hello Carol, I’m sorry to hear your health challenges are affecting your ability to do spiritual work, but am hopeful things will get closer to normal sooner than later. One cannot give what one does not have, so I believe your decision to conserve your energy for the sake of healing yourself is absolutely sound and correct. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    As for the artwork, it looks brilliant. 😀

    Ray Barnes

  10. Blessings on your revealing journey, Carol. Mahalo for all the love and light you brought into my life a few years back. From Ernest Holmes: There is nothing to be healed, only Truth be revealed.

    In Love and Light,

    Patri Hildreth

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