“The Power” and the Tipping Point

This year when I was making my Christmas Card I realized I haven’t written much at all and figured I better get something on paper; or the computer.

I listened to the audio book “The Power” at the beginning of the year and set an intention to be more positive than fear based or negative and to reach a 55% tipping point of love. I set out by looking for my triggers, the small thought processes that most of us don’t consider and well, it didn’t take long for me to identify a few. If you are looking to reset your feelings and energy level, “The Power” will help you do just that.


So somehow bitching about some of the challenges we face and focusing on the conspiracies behind high gas prices, the cost of new homes in the Vancouver lower mainland or our plummeting dollar just holds so much negativity it’s not worth going there.

I decided to share some of the solutions I came up with that might help you do some shifting of your own. Listening to the book, reminded me of things that I already know, but it also got me excited about creating shifts and experimenting with the concepts. Those of you who know me, realize I don’t just read something and believe. I am a “prove it” kind of gal. My life is usually has several experiments going on at once. It’s how I learn, prove theories, grow, adapt my work and improve.

The first thing I did was create a vision board that had affirmations and photos that I put on my desktop. The slides change every  seconds which is just long enough for me to say the affirmation and feel what I am creating.

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So I began to observe. Trying to remain in a state of love 24/7 is quite challenging in our time. The pace of everyday life is faster and with that comes more triggers. As I observed myself and my thoughts in certain situations, I realized that standing in line-ups generated a ton of negative thoughts. Not bad ones, but negative all the same. The idea of reaching a greater tipping point of love is to be love. I found myself thinking things like:

  • “I always choose the slow line.”
  • “Doesn’t anyone work, why are they all shopping now?”
  • Judging what I consider to be others poor food choices.
  • Focusing on screaming children and wondering how much sugar they were jacked up on.
  • Wondering what took people so long to pack their groceries.
  • …and….and….

So it hit me, yikes this is all so negative and judging, WHAT…I needed a new strategy.

  1. So now when I am forced to stand in line, I do several things. I begin going through my gratitude list, starting with the fact that I have the time and money and privilege to be in a store buying what I need or want.
  2. I smile and begin sending love and blessings to those around me.
  3. I chat to those little screaming tikes and get them laughing, giving the parent a break.
  4. I practice random acts of kindness if possible.
  5. I send grace and blessings to those who appear to be in need.

Turns out my shopping experiences are much more pleasant and I meet some pretty interesting people now.

There are 3 quotes from “The Power” that correspond with what I’m doing and they are:

  • “Life isn’t happening to you; life is responding to you.”
  • “Many people don’t know about the power of good feelings, and so their feelings are reactions or responses to what happens to them. They have put their feelings on automatic pilot, instead of deliberately taking charge of them.”
  • “Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.”

One of my other triggers is driving, and I do believe that to be one for many of us, lol. It’s that same thing for me about time, and business. I live in one of the fastest going cities in Canada; last time I read the statistics, Surrey acquires 1800 new residents a month, yes that’s right, a month! And you got it, they are all not as good drivers as me, hahaha. knowing the driving experience can thrust me into a negative spiral is 3/4 of the battle. Now when I get in my can I repeat these words, “I have time, I can enjoy a relaxing experience in my car.” I let people in line, I focus on kindness for new drivers, after all I was one too, I sing, I do my affirmations and I get where I’m going in record time feeling terrific. I’m still not perfect, but I’m at least 70% better.

Let’s see, another area I chose to change was how I felt about paying for things. Instead of focusing on, “I shouldn’t buy this, I don’t really need it, I should save my money, I can’t afford this, blah, blah, blah.”

I choose to say, “I have more than enough money for the things I desire and I make great buying choices.” and “I am grateful that money flows to me from so many places, sources and people.”  And…now it does!

So remember, one of the secrets of having the life you want is by tipping the scale toward love and away from negativity. When anything good happens to you in your day, give thanks. It doesn’t matter how small it is, say thank you.

These are just a few examples of what I changed up, there are more of course; in conclusion, I would have to say that my experiment on tipping the scales more toward love was successful and made an obvious difference in my life.

Carol Lefevre

To: Vilcabamba With: Love and Gratitude

Wow, I can hardly believe I’ve been home from Ecuador for 22 days and haven’t blogged one thing about my trip. I guess there is so much to say, so many experiences to share and so many energies to describe I really didn’t know where to begin.

And then, just like magic it all came flooding in this evening after coming home from a much needed yoga class.

The Place: Healing Movements Yoga Centre     or on   Facebook

It has proven to be my sweet oasis, a safe and healing place that allows me to nourish my body and being on so many levels.

The owners are loving, kind, nurturing and conscious. They have worked hard to create a sacred space where we join together as a community to learn one of the oldest, most powerful and sacred teachings of all time.

It’s the perfect space for those with extensive knowledge of various healing modalities, meditation and yoga, yet comfortable for newcomers who are ready to enter a path of spirit development and de-stress their lives.


The Instructor: Patricia.

A breeze of fresh air. I peek up and see that she watches the entire class, paying close attention to their body, breath, life force and movement, all while teaching and holding the energy for each person to receive exactly what they require. Magnificent!


As I lay in Shavasana at the end of the class in complete gratitude, in comes “spirit” with a message. “Gift your necklace to Patricia”. The necklace is made with a tagua nut seed and crushed rhodochrosite crystal inside. It has kind of a hipster look, not something I’d normally wear but once I put it on, wow! I’m like, “WHAT…I just wore it for the first time today and I fell in love…You gotta be kidding!”

It is said that the meat of the tagua nuts and it’s seeds have the strength and intelligence of an elephant, thus natives of South America call it vegetable ivory. Because of its sanctity and healing properties, tagua has occupied an important place in every aspect of life.

Indigenous healers use tagua to replenish vitality and cure diseases caused by low energy and a weak immune system. It has a direct bearing on our bone marrow.

Tagua corresponds to the sun and the energy corresponding to the solar plexus, and therefore is especially good for enhancing vitality, boosting the immune system, and cultivating will power and determination…Nice, right!

My mind immediately went through all the back and forth arguing and detachment stuff that comes with surrender, then I finally chose to follow my guidance. Something felt off, like it wasn’t a piece she would wear, so after everyone left, I asked her if she would wear a necklace like this, and much to my delight and confusion she said NO. Delighted that I wouldn’t have to give it up, confused about why my guides were telling me to give her this necklace.

Maya was in the car, hungry and ready to go, so I told Patricia that when I got home, I would dowse to see if there was a crystal in the piece she needed. I made it to bed around 10:00 or so and as I began my evening rituals, in the back of my mind, still wondering what was going on, I was given a very cool message…”It’s not the energy of a crystal Pat needs…It’s Vilcabamba”.

And that my friends is how my instructor Patricia inspired me to finally write this blog, here goes…

It’s hard to explain the magical energy of a little town called Vilcabamba in Ecuador. I will start by saying that I have yearned to go to South America for over 30 years, so finally getting to go was a dream come true.

Ecuador, has a wide-range of scenery. Hills and mountains, huge cities and quaint towns, interesting wildlife, amazing flowers and trees, big bugs and beautiful coastlines with wide sandy beaches. I was so fortunate to have seen so much of the country. Transportation in Ecuador is inexpensive and so convenient. You can sit and enjoy the view while others are at the helm. I will blog about other parts of Ecuador in my next blog, for now let’s talk healing.

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Nestled on the edge of this remote town sits an oasis, Vilcabamba. I found Vilcabamba to have a deeply spiritual and unique international community that thrives in this “Valley of Longevity.” From a spiritual perspective it is the hard to explain but the energy there is different, it’s a feel good kinda place, the kind that makes you want to be more yourself, more present and in tune with source.

In metaphysical terms:

  • The veil is thinner, so if feels as though you are closer to spirit
  • There are orbs everywhere
  • Thought forms manifest especially fast
  • Synchronicity is unstoppable
  • Almost everything is spirit directed
  • The energy field is clean and pristine
  • It touches a specialness deep within you
  • It transcends boundaries of all types
  • It embraces and connects you on many levels
  • It’s like giving yourself the biggest most loving hug ever

After travelling to over 19 countries and living in several of them, I am confident in saying, “there’s magic in the air”, quite literally in Vilcabamba. I have seen a ton of ET activity and multi-dimensional cross over’s, still, nothing like this.

There’s a cosmic force and a new kind of ET activity happening there. One with a Conscious Rising that is unique and brilliant one that changes perspectives and lives very quickly. I met some great new friends; David and Liz (she is Ecuadorian) who live in Vilcabamba. They say “It’s high energy that will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit up out”. So if you’re looking for change, to get closer to the Divine and really work on yourself and many aspects of your being, this is the perfect place to be. The individuals there, truly are “meant to be there” and a very interesting cast and crew I might add.

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I have often wondered how little old me could reach more people, share more love, raise more awareness, somehow open a door for the masses to experience gifts they may never discover on their own. Well, the energy of Vilcabamba allowed me to do just that. I met soooo many awesome people, and one in particular who touched my being and inspired an aha moment…Nelson Denman

Remember the unstoppable synchronicity and transcending boundaries of all types I mentioned? It turns out that with a little support from the cosmos, added with a sparkle or two of fairy dust and an open heart, Nelson and I co-created a simple and effective way to raise the consciousness of groups of people. How you ask? Through Reiki; I had the pleasure of initiating Nelson into Reiki.

He is currently writing and composing a folk opera entitled: “The Rights of Nature.” Nelson is an accomplished musician and cellist. He is spiritual, with real heart and creative inspiration running through his being. If you follow the link you can stay up to date with his project.

Nelson’s accomplishments are many, he performs and teaches guitar, bass, violin and cello and has collaborated musically with Paul Winter, Larry Littlebird, Peter Kater, Robert Sequoia, Consuelo Luz, Richard Russell and many others. He plays cello on the CD of the World Premiere of Voyages by Paul Cisze. He has completed 2 CDs of music: Earth Doctor, The Chakra Mode Cycle, and is working on Slack Key Cello.

Now every time Nelson plays to an audience or anyone, that Reiki energy is going out there with his intention, passion and music…Well Done! I was also guided to activate and initiate his three fold flame (Love, Power and Wisdom) so that when others hear his music theirs will also be activated. As Vilcabamba and Nelson magic would have it, Dominique and I were the first to receive and experience the gift of Nelson’s cello and new vibration that day. How enchanting. I so encourage you to hear him play.

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Vilcabamba inspires you to touch a specialness deep within yourself in remarkable ways:

  • I had the pleasure and company of two amazing individuals, then I taught them (David and Liz) how to activate their 3 breath Merkabah, now they can really shake things up in town, lol.

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  • It was a delight to work with another awesome, high vibration woman named Ann.

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  • I taught 14 year old Cort how to dowse and spend a touching evening with his parents.

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  • We played and prayed with orbs in the woods at night.

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  • I learned how much commitment is needed to deliver great photographs from Paul, not many people can snap a great picture of me. Kudos Paul.

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  • Most importantly I re-connected with Dominique, a beloved friend who I hadn’t spent real quality time for years., It too was magical in many new and powerful ways. Wow, did we do loads of spiritual work and have tons of fun!

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Dominique and I stayed at a place called Rumi Wilco. It was a 15-20 minute walk to the centre of Vilcabamba. Rumi Wilco is an Ecolodge that provides a human habitat within the only remaining semi-natural protected setting in the valley. We stayed in one of the River Cabins which are located in the midst of nature, a healing river and surrounded with 12 trails to explore. The cabin was the perfect size for us, with a well equipped kitchen and the most comfortable beds you can imagine.

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Every morning we wake up to the sound of the river and songbirds in the background. We had a gorgeous path through the forest daily, encounters with donkeys and cows, a river filled with quartz crystal, cool stone walls and domes in the middle of the forest and vibrant butterflies… fairly normal stuff for our daily trek to town and back.

Vilcabamba, is remarkably free from most kinds of pollution: electromagnetic, air and water. No planes overhead dropping chemtrails on the population, either. The ground water is amazingly clean because it’s recharged from rainfall on the nearby Podocarpus National Forest, where water flows down into the valley on a regular basis. It creates a unique situation for several types of healing. This leaves the air remarkably clean and energetically perfect for a great night’s sleep. I haven’t slept that well in 12 years…seriously.

Another grand design and wonderful manifestation was the convenience of our friend Paul, staying in town at Le Rendez-Vous. A quaint, beautiful hostal with gardens and mountain views from each adobe style room. After our 20 min trek through the forest with backpacks on in the heat, we were grateful to have access to Paul’s space. We were always welcomed with a warm smile and a glass of water. We had access to his Wi-Fi so we could skype with loved ones and change from our sneakers and damp clothes into our flip flops and sundresses before heading to the main square. Thanks Paul!

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Practically every restaurant around Vilcabamba serves fresh, raw fruit juices. Organic food is everywhere. I have to say that the environment energetically supports self development and spiritual awakening, whether you see it coming or not. The people in Vilcabamba are relaxed, welcoming, helpful, considerate and oh ever so interesting.


Food production in the Valley of Longevity is so easy and abundant that it’s almost hard to believe. In mere weeks, you can grow a huge garden full of vegetables from the rich topsoil. In a few months, you can grow papayas, figs, babacos and berries. And…believe it or not, in a few years, you could have your own orchard of oranges, macadamia nuts, jungle almonds, noni fruit, avocados and much more if you wanted to. This is one of the reasons that Dominique is thinking of selling her beautiful home in Salinas, to buy a farm in Vilcabamba. We were lucky enough to experience some great fresh fruits and veggies while staying with Elizabeth (Liz) and David, they have amazing gardens, fruit trees and animals. I know it is a lot of work, and Liz certainly loves it and puts her heart and soul into it daily.

Dominique and I did most of our own cooking. We did our big shop in Loja 4 minutes from town before we arrived. It was hilarious watching 7 bags of groceries and two suitcases being packed in a wheel barrel through the bush to get to our cabin. The Sunday markets, both in Vilcabamba and Malecatos are amazing, check out the photos from Paul below.


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The essence of Palo-Santo loomed everywhere, in shops and from venders in the square. Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.  In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”.

It is an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to Source.  It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity (sniffing it now as I write, lol) and brings good fortune to those who are open to its Magic.  It is burned in ceremonies by Shamans and Medicine people for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage. I am so grateful that I brought some home with me, the smell is a reminder of the energy and essence of Vilcabamba.

Wow, writing this blog and emailing my new friends, makes me want to move there…No wonder Pat’s spirit wants to connect with the vigour and power of Vilcabamba…who wouldn’t?

I’m glad to have so many reminders that hold this sacred energy with me. I asked the river for a rock, it surprised me with two. I asked Mother Earth for some clay and she gave me a wonderful stone buried within the clay. I asked for cleansing I received Palo-Santo. I asked for strength and vitality and I received a beautiful tagua nut seed necklace. All these gifts hold the energy and magic of the “Valley of Longevity” within them and reminders of the heart connections I made that will forever remain in my soul.

A: Vilcabamba Con: Amor y Gratitud

Carol Lefevre

Respecting Traditions while Embracing the Future

What is tradition? It is a belief, ritual or behavior passed down within a culture or civilization with symbolic meaning that connects with our origins in the past.

Traditions often persist and evolve for thousands of years. They lay the foundations and structures of how we live, express and experience this reality. One theory of social science is that tradition is often contrasted with innovation of entire societies. This contrast in thinking can be confusing. We are currently experiencing the expansion  of social change, one where societies progress from being traditional to being more current or progressive.

Unifying traditional  beliefs, objects or customs implemented or believed in the past, with enlightened and accelerated views and information in the present assist us to change paradigms,  breaking the bonds that confine us.

The problem for many is that while they are attempting to create new paradigms they have become somewhat flippant of past traditions. Some individuals are saying that the Master of the past are set in their ways, that the information is out dated.

As a teacher and spiritual coach I believe in setting up strong basic structures and foundations to build on. For instance, A basic structure such as the 7 major energy centers in the chakra system, will always remain a foundation. The traditional colours and the new energies they bring, will change and new ones will open.  The Blue Ray will always carry the energy of The Will of God, although the expression of that Ray and how it activates us may change.  Archetypes will always be created by the mass consciousness, however those archetypes will change and evolve into new ones as we begin to change our paradigms.  DNA will always be contained in the human form, although it’s components, form and expression will evolve to match our consciousness.

I believe that there are many of us who strive to change our current paradigms and be the “Oneness and Love” that the spiritual realm offers us. In order for us to change our paradigms and those of society we must first begin to change the neuro pathways in our brains that dictate behaviour and emotional response. Anyone who channels knows  the fasted way to change those pathways in not by creating  new ones, because creating a totally new neuro pathway can take years. However re-routing the old neuro pathway patterns, creates new realities. This is the reason we see paradigm shifts taking so long on a mass consciousness level.

If we respect and honour tradition, while embracing newness we begin to re-route our pathways. After all the foundations of our bodies and energy systems have supported us for eons. I like to think of it as doing a renovation. We often keep the foundation and upgrade or build onto it with innovative technologies and/or modern decor.

For those out there saying, “the Masters are set in their ways and the information is old”, I say, “interesting, that’s not my experience.” The information and teachings I receive from the Masters has changed and evolved considerably over the years. It was Kwan Yin and her disciple Beishu who provided me with the information and techniques to chakra colours over 14 years ago which I called The Beishu Method ™. Then St. Germain who taught me how to do paradigm shifts and create the new technology in Magic Max XL. It is St. Germain and another Master (who will remain nameless for now) who is teaching me a new technique that moves the double helix DNA encoding to a triple helix and instils new neuro pathways by re-routing the old ones through evolving archetypal patterns…cutting age stuff and new information needed for our conscious evolution!

The Masters continue assist us to adapt and evolve to new energies, they have after all made their ascension and as such have an advanced perspective which is not egocentric. In other words, “been here, done that.” Lived on the earth plane and acquired complete knowledge, skill, techniques and disciplines that benefited them in the ascension process. Are they the only ways? No, they are simply foundations of truth that can be built upon.

Remember the words, “I am that I am”?  You can call it your God-Self, Creator-Self, Divine-Self or I Am Presence whatever you choose, the concept and foundation is still the same it is only the words and or view of that aspect of self that has changed. It seems to me that, old concepts are simply being re-labeling and presented in a new way, then passed on as “current” while discrediting our foundations and traditions.

In my humble opinion, if we want to receive information from those who have come before us, and laboured to assist humanity in not only finding by simply choosing enlightenment, disssing them is not the best approach. By showing honour and respect to the Masters and the fundamentals they have strived to initiate, we open ourselves to becoming vessels on new knowledge, information  and up dated tools that assist our evolution in a broader way than our egos can see.

As one of my precious clients said to me this morning, you wouldn’t re-invent the wheel would you? So my question to you is, has the wheel been re-invented or simply modernized and remodeled to be more efficient for the changing times?


Respectfully Yours,

Rev. Carol Lefevre

I Believe….and I Am Healthy, Strong and Transformed!


Well, I don’t even know to where to begin on this blog. I guess I will start by thanking everyone for their prayers, healing and support. For those of you who have not yet heard, my Hep C viral load came back ZERO. The virus is gone, I am still being monitored and in the process of reducing my medication slowly. I will have my health, vitality and humour back within 2 weeks!!!!

I have so many techniques and processes to share with you, I’m really excited. I feel as though I need to do two blogs; one for the physical and natural process that I took to get fast results and another for the metaphysical  practices that have changed my life forever.

For today, my sole goal is to put out my deepest gratitude to Spirit/God and our amazing Universe, my family, friends, clients and some precious individuals like Jimmy who took the time to message me on the days I needed to connect. THANK YOU. When I think of the love and support I had, I’m moved to tears, and this time it’s not the medication, lol.

I am still in awe of how the Universe manoeuvres, shifts, blends, operates and how we either catch it’s slight of hand or lose the message completely. I have posted a painting with this blog called “I Believe” and my quote on the painting is:

I believe in a spiritual world, one whose inner most truth we draw breath from.

I believe in a majestic world, full of magnificence and boundlessness, an outburst of possibility drifting on an undercurrent of matter, toward nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.

I believe in a world where I Am that I Am, a living God and self-actualized Master who radiates Divine Love.

This is what I hold firm in my heart and being and on my journey as so many of us are to self- actualization. I live a life of profound gratitude for my connection to Source, all aspects Me and the Divine Guidance I am so honoured to have in my life daily.

Right around the time of my diagnosis, an old friend Mary Rossman recommended I purchase Life and Teaching of Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding. It is the same information that we have heard many times and in many ways, and like all teachings say, “when the student is ready the Master appears.”  Listening to the experiences of being with and working with high levels of consciousness just makes me aspire to be more self-actualized, and so my journey into healing not only the Hep C virus but Me, began anew. Within the same week one of my dear clients Ann recommended The Human Design…very mind blowing stuff, and great info on how your aura works and is unique to each one of us. The really cool thing, is that regardless of our design, we are all meant to work/assist one another to create a greater whole. I recommend this youtube video and this series, they rock! I would also like to thank Maya for re-introducing me to Ho’oponopono which spirit guided me to use in the most unusual and unique ways. Here’s a cool video that is a combo of Ho’oponopono, prayer and EFT:

I’m keeping it short today because I am still on the interferon injections for 3 more weeks and I could be closing in on nap time…Again I Am so very grateful, Thank You All.

I love you,


Hep C, the Law of Attraction and Creating our own Reality

Good Morning Everyone,

I recently received an email that read, “I’m sorry to hear about your Hep C, for someone who does such good and caring work, one has to wonder spirit’s purpose for afflicting this on you. I wish you all the best on your journey and look forward to your future blogs, take care.”

I have addressed how I physically came into contact with the hep C virus, and now I’d like to address it from more of a metaphysical view point. For those of you who don’t remember I hold a B. Msc. in Metaphysical Science, this is right up my alley. I would like to begin with a statement “I am an incredible and masterful manifestor”.  I understand that intention needs emotion and energy to move it, I understand the influence of polarity, the time space continuum and the list goes on. In fact I have been known to manifest items quite instantaneously;  like an empty table in a full pub holding 2 dozen hot wings and a pint of beer just as I walk in the door…oh and it is exactly what I was going to order before I arrived, and belongs to no one else there…pure magic. I have been teaching a Manifesting Workshop for 12 plus years and working diligently on the tools I encourage others to use so I like to demonstrate how it’s done in our everyday lives…walk my own talk and all that.

vacations 059the motly crew

Since 2010 I have been manifesting the time and space for me. I have been focusing on my process, my healing, my psyche, me, my, mine!!! I began working on my will-power, and got it mastered except for one area. Wine and cheese. I don’t know if it my Taurus sun or my moon and ascendant in Libra, but when it comes to great food and wine I am a true hedonist.

I know it sounds silly, but I can justify a glass or two or three of wine like no buddies business. I have quit drinking for months at a time, only to jump right back in, I really just love the taste, aroma or nose, textures and body of wine!

I decided it was time to live a more balanced lifestyle, turns out I could still justify the wine, there is always a B-day, anniversary, holidays, long weekends, hot summer days and of course stress! As with any issue that continually presents itself to me, I begin my dissection process…after all, I I figure if it’s bugging me and in my face, it is an issue, right? After a meditation one day I was discouraged with myself, feeling guilty and ashamed that I couldn’t get this piece, oh and after a good mental flogging, I made a choice.  I was in an emotional charged state, with big energy and visualized myself alcohol free, with a watermelon smoothie and I gave gratitude to the Universe for its support in giving up the wine and living a more balanced lifestyle. Three months later I have elevated liver enzymes and within another three months I am diagnosed with Hep C. Yesterday I sat in the sun for an hour, drinking a strawberry and watermelon smoothie and thought, “this isn’t so bad, tasted great, has texture and aroma…I could definitely give up a wine spritzer for this. I’m telling you I am a “master manifestor.”

In the throes of dealing with some of my shadow stuff, I re-connected with a book I read in 1994, “Your Secret Self”. It’s an astrology book with guidelines on how to heal and deal with placements in the twelfth house. The twelfth house represents our unconscious mind, and I love to go there.

I have Pluto in Scorpio conjunct my North Node in the twelfth house. Confused? I know, you gotta know a little about astrology for this piece. The bottom line is that there is some tricky stuff for me to deal with in my unconscious mind. The three biggest pieces are:

  1. it’s OK if I’m not always a nice person, even if I’m a healer and trying to shift humanity, I have a shadow side! I don’t have to like everyone, it’s OK to swear, expressing my anger doesn’t mean I’m a bad person,  healers can get sick too and I love wine and cheese!
  2. WHAT…I’ve been trying to keep that thing locked in the closet for 50 plus years…yikes.  Apparently I can turn these dark sides and shadows into good forces in my life if I embrace and love them. So I decided to start with my Hep C…by embracing it and sharing my story with all those spirit puts in my blogs path.

On the flip side, the other two pieces of the twelfth house puzzle are easier to deal with:

  1. I would benefit by a career in the health profession and holistic and spiritual practices.
  2. This placement has more than any other twelfth house placements, a greater resourcefulness and a reservoir of inner power to draw upon in times of stress and I will create situations and circumstances to heal my shadow and prove this to myself.

So, back to creating our own reality…

Ten days ago when my cousin Juanita was here visiting, her husband really wanted to go camping, fishing and gold panning. I (through the assistance of the Universe of course) was given the opportunity to create an incredible 3 day holiday at the lake with friends. Walter got to fish, camp and even go on a gold adventure. Turns out our friends just happened to have those exact days off and have a deluxe spot at Nicola Lake, I love how manifesting works.

While there I noticed this very cool little trailer and asked who lived there, said I’d like to connect. The locals call her the Gypsy lady, and said she’s not around much. Thirty minutes later, guess who pulled into the grounds? I walked by a water ski and got all excited, thinking about how I’d love to go for a ski, 45 min later someone came over and asked if someone would like to go water skiing, they needed a spotter. Juanita and I went for a walk and I mentioned it would be nice to go for a canoe ride. Later while talking to Gypsy lady, thanked her for creating such lovely energy in her space. She told me that her friends come kayaking and wondered if I had a kayak…you guessed it, someone showed up and told me we could use their canoe or kayak anytime while we were there!

Perhaps everyone is creating and manifesting more than they realize, they just don’t give credence or gratitude for the awesome everyday things, I can’t say for sure. Small things like…hmmm, here’s and example…Juanita and I were in one of those blow up tube things you can sit in on the water, cooling down and being oh so grateful that we manifested this sweet little toy when a thought, vision and feeling came over me, “If we had some paddles we could paddle out and let the current pull us back in, it would be so much easier”. In that instant I saw the light go on, then she added her thoughts, vision, feelings and energy to the idea…2 minutes later we passed our friends boat and waiting for us, you got it 2 paddles. The power of two or more when manifesting is a beautiful thing. My week with Juanita showed me how much easier it is when two or more come together with the same vision.

So there’s an important lesson I’ve learned in my years of manifesting, and that is this: If you ask and then you receive, follow through and be grateful!!!

Ask yourself this, “If I ask the Universe for something, then I receive it and don’t follow through, what message will that send?” For instance, when I had the opportunity to go water skiing, did I say “no thanks, I haven’t done that for years, I’m too old?” NO…but I can tell you I could hear everyone else thinking it. While I was making my grand come back I realized I hadn’t been on a slalom ski since 1989 and oh ya, “I’m not wearing a wetsuit either!” I did great, I popped right up on one ski, had three good runs, and survived a miraculous triple cartwheel across the water on my final wipe out. Fun? Hell yes…dumb, perhaps I could have been a little more prepared and less excited.

So here’s something for you to think about…what if we drifted by the boat and were too lazy to get out and pick up the paddles that we asked the Universe for? What if I didn’t go and acknowledge Gypsy lady and her fab energy? What if I never followed through with those little things I manifest? You heard of the little boy who cried wolf, right! Would the Universe continue to gift me with these items or would it think I was crying wolf too?

With that being said I take full 100% responsibly for my Hep C situation. This virus can lead to liver cancer if gone untreated. I know that, and  although I am all for healthy, holistic ways of healing I know that the allopathic system and  medicine has its place. I might be an extremist but I’m not ignorant. Following an extreme natural supplement regiment and intend to prove that doing so will shed the virus in record time…that’s my new manifestation by the way! I am in gratitude that the Universe has supported my once again in my visions, dreams and personal goals for myself…so remember, watch your hopes, wishes and dreams like a hawk and when you get what you asked for, acknowledge it, give gratitude and follow through!

In total love and gratitude,


I Am Presence and Entities Q and A

Hi Carol,

I was wondering how people pick up/get entities on them or in their homes and what some of the effects of having then are, also what can we do to get rid of them. Thanks for this forum and your great service to us all.


Hi Lloyd,

Great question. There are many types of negative entities or some would say dark forces as well as other energies out there.

Many problems are caused by entity and negativity contamination. These include: depression, anxiety, fears, addictions, headaches, neck aches, alcoholism, sleeplessness, eating disorders, phobias, relationship difficulties, bad health, rage, hyperactivity, crabbiness, gambling, money problems, blocks on personal growth, and blocks on spiritual development.

For the most part some of the other energies are simply earthbound entities trying to make their way to the light and get side tracked or confused. If a person does a lot of spiritual work on themselves and is vibrating at a higher level the entity might confuse their vibration with the light. When this happens the entity moves into the aura of the person attempting to go into the light. At this point the individual may feel a sudden headache, neck pain or even nausea. It is important to know that this form of energy has no intention of harming us, they are simply attempting to move into the natural progression of another dimension and have become trapped. Often a simple prayer with the intention of sending them to love and light will release them. I call in Arch Angel Michael to take them and they usually go willingly.

Now that being said there are other types of negative energies that have been lost for too long and begin to feed off the emotions, fears and negative thinking patterns of people. One of my mentors, Hanna Kroeger taught me about several types that interfere with people in unique ways; black magic entities, emotional turmoil entities,  negative attachment entities, spirit possession entities, fear entities to name a few. These are a little trickier to release. I suggest trying a bath with sea salt and eucalyptus and sage in it. Before you begin bathing call in some angelic protection and be sure to leave a window open so the dark force can exit your home. You can put a thin line of sea salt at the bathroom door so that it won’t go anywhere into my home but out the window.

For entities in your home, I find that smudging works very well. Once again, I would like to remind you to leave a few windows open as exit points. Here is a great article on smudging:

Once your home is smudged you can write out the words to Psalm 91 and put it at your front door, this will protect your home from future negative forces entering. You don’t need to see the words; I have mine folded up behind a picture at the front door, this way no one knows it is even there.

I have created a little safety sachet to help people with these issues. You can use it before you enter your home that way if you have anything on you so to speak it will be removed before you enter the home. It is a very tiny box which contains materials needed to banish entities and to protect you from them. If you carry it around in your left pocket or in a medicine bag while you are out and about nothing can stick to you or get caught up in your aura.

This is the link if you’d like to purchase one: Simply click on 5 new products and then on the picture of it.

Here is the info for it:

Safety Sachet

For removal of unwanted energies

Many problems are caused by entity and negativity contamination. These include: depression, anxiety, fears, addictions, headaches, neck aches, alcoholism, sleeplessness, eating disorders, phobias, relationship difficulties, bad health, rage, hyperactivity, crabbiness, gambling, money problems, blocks on personal growth, and blocks on spiritual development.  With Soul Alchemy Healings Safety Sachet it is easy to remove, banish and protect yourself from these unwanted energies.

Simply place the Safety Sachet over your C7 at the back of you your neck and hold it there for 15-30 seconds to remove energies. To keep yourself protected carry the Safety Sachet on your person or sleep with it at night.

I hope this answers your questions. Be Well,


Hi Goddess,

If a person only had time for one thing to assist them in their spiritual development, what would you recommend or say is the fastest and best use of one’s time?


Hi Deborah,

Now that is a real tough one. We are all so different and respond to differently to stimulus and spiritual practice. I would have to say an I Am Presence connection in the morning of each day. This connection will definitely increase one’s vibration, connect one with God or the Divine in a unique and wondrous way, remain in a state of love and accept and follow one’s Divine guidance and intuition. I believe that as long as we follow our Divine guidance and allow the mind of God to work through us, we are able to manifest or co-create more of the things we say we desire; peace, love, money, success….

I have posted a copy of the meditation on my website. If you go to services, then free techniques you will see it posted with a photo to assist. I recommend reading it out loud into a recording device and then playing while you do the mediation so you remember all the steps.

I have seen this meditation and connection to our I Am presence change lives very quickly. i strongly encourage you to use it daily.