To: Vilcabamba With: Love and Gratitude

Wow, I can hardly believe I’ve been home from Ecuador for 22 days and haven’t blogged one thing about my trip. I guess there is so much to say, so many experiences to share and so many energies to describe I really didn’t know where to begin.

And then, just like magic it all came flooding in this evening after coming home from a much needed yoga class.

The Place: Healing Movements Yoga Centre     or on   Facebook

It has proven to be my sweet oasis, a safe and healing place that allows me to nourish my body and being on so many levels.

The owners are loving, kind, nurturing and conscious. They have worked hard to create a sacred space where we join together as a community to learn one of the oldest, most powerful and sacred teachings of all time.

It’s the perfect space for those with extensive knowledge of various healing modalities, meditation and yoga, yet comfortable for newcomers who are ready to enter a path of spirit development and de-stress their lives.


The Instructor: Patricia.

A breeze of fresh air. I peek up and see that she watches the entire class, paying close attention to their body, breath, life force and movement, all while teaching and holding the energy for each person to receive exactly what they require. Magnificent!


As I lay in Shavasana at the end of the class in complete gratitude, in comes “spirit” with a message. “Gift your necklace to Patricia”. The necklace is made with a tagua nut seed and crushed rhodochrosite crystal inside. It has kind of a hipster look, not something I’d normally wear but once I put it on, wow! I’m like, “WHAT…I just wore it for the first time today and I fell in love…You gotta be kidding!”

It is said that the meat of the tagua nuts and it’s seeds have the strength and intelligence of an elephant, thus natives of South America call it vegetable ivory. Because of its sanctity and healing properties, tagua has occupied an important place in every aspect of life.

Indigenous healers use tagua to replenish vitality and cure diseases caused by low energy and a weak immune system. It has a direct bearing on our bone marrow.

Tagua corresponds to the sun and the energy corresponding to the solar plexus, and therefore is especially good for enhancing vitality, boosting the immune system, and cultivating will power and determination…Nice, right!

My mind immediately went through all the back and forth arguing and detachment stuff that comes with surrender, then I finally chose to follow my guidance. Something felt off, like it wasn’t a piece she would wear, so after everyone left, I asked her if she would wear a necklace like this, and much to my delight and confusion she said NO. Delighted that I wouldn’t have to give it up, confused about why my guides were telling me to give her this necklace.

Maya was in the car, hungry and ready to go, so I told Patricia that when I got home, I would dowse to see if there was a crystal in the piece she needed. I made it to bed around 10:00 or so and as I began my evening rituals, in the back of my mind, still wondering what was going on, I was given a very cool message…”It’s not the energy of a crystal Pat needs…It’s Vilcabamba”.

And that my friends is how my instructor Patricia inspired me to finally write this blog, here goes…

It’s hard to explain the magical energy of a little town called Vilcabamba in Ecuador. I will start by saying that I have yearned to go to South America for over 30 years, so finally getting to go was a dream come true.

Ecuador, has a wide-range of scenery. Hills and mountains, huge cities and quaint towns, interesting wildlife, amazing flowers and trees, big bugs and beautiful coastlines with wide sandy beaches. I was so fortunate to have seen so much of the country. Transportation in Ecuador is inexpensive and so convenient. You can sit and enjoy the view while others are at the helm. I will blog about other parts of Ecuador in my next blog, for now let’s talk healing.

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Nestled on the edge of this remote town sits an oasis, Vilcabamba. I found Vilcabamba to have a deeply spiritual and unique international community that thrives in this “Valley of Longevity.” From a spiritual perspective it is the hard to explain but the energy there is different, it’s a feel good kinda place, the kind that makes you want to be more yourself, more present and in tune with source.

In metaphysical terms:

  • The veil is thinner, so if feels as though you are closer to spirit
  • There are orbs everywhere
  • Thought forms manifest especially fast
  • Synchronicity is unstoppable
  • Almost everything is spirit directed
  • The energy field is clean and pristine
  • It touches a specialness deep within you
  • It transcends boundaries of all types
  • It embraces and connects you on many levels
  • It’s like giving yourself the biggest most loving hug ever

After travelling to over 19 countries and living in several of them, I am confident in saying, “there’s magic in the air”, quite literally in Vilcabamba. I have seen a ton of ET activity and multi-dimensional cross over’s, still, nothing like this.

There’s a cosmic force and a new kind of ET activity happening there. One with a Conscious Rising that is unique and brilliant one that changes perspectives and lives very quickly. I met some great new friends; David and Liz (she is Ecuadorian) who live in Vilcabamba. They say “It’s high energy that will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit up out”. So if you’re looking for change, to get closer to the Divine and really work on yourself and many aspects of your being, this is the perfect place to be. The individuals there, truly are “meant to be there” and a very interesting cast and crew I might add.

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I have often wondered how little old me could reach more people, share more love, raise more awareness, somehow open a door for the masses to experience gifts they may never discover on their own. Well, the energy of Vilcabamba allowed me to do just that. I met soooo many awesome people, and one in particular who touched my being and inspired an aha moment…Nelson Denman

Remember the unstoppable synchronicity and transcending boundaries of all types I mentioned? It turns out that with a little support from the cosmos, added with a sparkle or two of fairy dust and an open heart, Nelson and I co-created a simple and effective way to raise the consciousness of groups of people. How you ask? Through Reiki; I had the pleasure of initiating Nelson into Reiki.

He is currently writing and composing a folk opera entitled: “The Rights of Nature.” Nelson is an accomplished musician and cellist. He is spiritual, with real heart and creative inspiration running through his being. If you follow the link you can stay up to date with his project.

Nelson’s accomplishments are many, he performs and teaches guitar, bass, violin and cello and has collaborated musically with Paul Winter, Larry Littlebird, Peter Kater, Robert Sequoia, Consuelo Luz, Richard Russell and many others. He plays cello on the CD of the World Premiere of Voyages by Paul Cisze. He has completed 2 CDs of music: Earth Doctor, The Chakra Mode Cycle, and is working on Slack Key Cello.

Now every time Nelson plays to an audience or anyone, that Reiki energy is going out there with his intention, passion and music…Well Done! I was also guided to activate and initiate his three fold flame (Love, Power and Wisdom) so that when others hear his music theirs will also be activated. As Vilcabamba and Nelson magic would have it, Dominique and I were the first to receive and experience the gift of Nelson’s cello and new vibration that day. How enchanting. I so encourage you to hear him play.

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Vilcabamba inspires you to touch a specialness deep within yourself in remarkable ways:

  • I had the pleasure and company of two amazing individuals, then I taught them (David and Liz) how to activate their 3 breath Merkabah, now they can really shake things up in town, lol.

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  • It was a delight to work with another awesome, high vibration woman named Ann.

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  • I taught 14 year old Cort how to dowse and spend a touching evening with his parents.

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  • We played and prayed with orbs in the woods at night.

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  • I learned how much commitment is needed to deliver great photographs from Paul, not many people can snap a great picture of me. Kudos Paul.

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  • Most importantly I re-connected with Dominique, a beloved friend who I hadn’t spent real quality time for years., It too was magical in many new and powerful ways. Wow, did we do loads of spiritual work and have tons of fun!

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Dominique and I stayed at a place called Rumi Wilco. It was a 15-20 minute walk to the centre of Vilcabamba. Rumi Wilco is an Ecolodge that provides a human habitat within the only remaining semi-natural protected setting in the valley. We stayed in one of the River Cabins which are located in the midst of nature, a healing river and surrounded with 12 trails to explore. The cabin was the perfect size for us, with a well equipped kitchen and the most comfortable beds you can imagine.

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Every morning we wake up to the sound of the river and songbirds in the background. We had a gorgeous path through the forest daily, encounters with donkeys and cows, a river filled with quartz crystal, cool stone walls and domes in the middle of the forest and vibrant butterflies… fairly normal stuff for our daily trek to town and back.

Vilcabamba, is remarkably free from most kinds of pollution: electromagnetic, air and water. No planes overhead dropping chemtrails on the population, either. The ground water is amazingly clean because it’s recharged from rainfall on the nearby Podocarpus National Forest, where water flows down into the valley on a regular basis. It creates a unique situation for several types of healing. This leaves the air remarkably clean and energetically perfect for a great night’s sleep. I haven’t slept that well in 12 years…seriously.

Another grand design and wonderful manifestation was the convenience of our friend Paul, staying in town at Le Rendez-Vous. A quaint, beautiful hostal with gardens and mountain views from each adobe style room. After our 20 min trek through the forest with backpacks on in the heat, we were grateful to have access to Paul’s space. We were always welcomed with a warm smile and a glass of water. We had access to his Wi-Fi so we could skype with loved ones and change from our sneakers and damp clothes into our flip flops and sundresses before heading to the main square. Thanks Paul!

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Practically every restaurant around Vilcabamba serves fresh, raw fruit juices. Organic food is everywhere. I have to say that the environment energetically supports self development and spiritual awakening, whether you see it coming or not. The people in Vilcabamba are relaxed, welcoming, helpful, considerate and oh ever so interesting.


Food production in the Valley of Longevity is so easy and abundant that it’s almost hard to believe. In mere weeks, you can grow a huge garden full of vegetables from the rich topsoil. In a few months, you can grow papayas, figs, babacos and berries. And…believe it or not, in a few years, you could have your own orchard of oranges, macadamia nuts, jungle almonds, noni fruit, avocados and much more if you wanted to. This is one of the reasons that Dominique is thinking of selling her beautiful home in Salinas, to buy a farm in Vilcabamba. We were lucky enough to experience some great fresh fruits and veggies while staying with Elizabeth (Liz) and David, they have amazing gardens, fruit trees and animals. I know it is a lot of work, and Liz certainly loves it and puts her heart and soul into it daily.

Dominique and I did most of our own cooking. We did our big shop in Loja 4 minutes from town before we arrived. It was hilarious watching 7 bags of groceries and two suitcases being packed in a wheel barrel through the bush to get to our cabin. The Sunday markets, both in Vilcabamba and Malecatos are amazing, check out the photos from Paul below.


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The essence of Palo-Santo loomed everywhere, in shops and from venders in the square. Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.  In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”.

It is an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to Source.  It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity (sniffing it now as I write, lol) and brings good fortune to those who are open to its Magic.  It is burned in ceremonies by Shamans and Medicine people for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage. I am so grateful that I brought some home with me, the smell is a reminder of the energy and essence of Vilcabamba.

Wow, writing this blog and emailing my new friends, makes me want to move there…No wonder Pat’s spirit wants to connect with the vigour and power of Vilcabamba…who wouldn’t?

I’m glad to have so many reminders that hold this sacred energy with me. I asked the river for a rock, it surprised me with two. I asked Mother Earth for some clay and she gave me a wonderful stone buried within the clay. I asked for cleansing I received Palo-Santo. I asked for strength and vitality and I received a beautiful tagua nut seed necklace. All these gifts hold the energy and magic of the “Valley of Longevity” within them and reminders of the heart connections I made that will forever remain in my soul.

A: Vilcabamba Con: Amor y Gratitud

Carol Lefevre

It’s 2012…The time is NOW!

This time in which we have all chosen to live on Mother Earth is unprecedented for the human race. We have never experienced the type of evolution that is occurring now. Each of us lives in our own unique universe in which we have personally co-created.

At this time, we have easier access to the utilization, aid and help of the beings of Light, Masters and Angels to effect change and transformation not only within our physical form but in our multidimensional universe as well.

In moments of contemplative meditation, it is often difficult for us to accept the unconditional loving Light of Infinite Source that we all carry within because of our life history in this and other embodiments. Because of the accessibility of the higher frequencies, we now have the capability of traveling back in time, for on the higher planes there is no linear time/space as we experience on Earth.

Traveling back in time is a viable way for us to heal and accelerate our spiritual journey. Our spirit knows where the heartache lies within us. Beginning in our earliest memories there are painful moments that we have all is some ways resisted to heal. Even if we do not choose to know our past life karmic issues, we may be well assured that in this lifetime all the moments of discomfort we’ve ever experienced will echo this past life history, to be cleared so we may move forward once more.

If we were only to simply choose to look at the most pivotal moments of discomfort in this embodiment, while asking for the healing Light of Infinite Source to fill us, we can create the most profound transformation process in our being. This is similar to a life review.

To do this, simply sit in quiet meditative reflection where you allow your heart, soul, and spirit to revisit that which has caused you discomfort and then allow the Light to fill you and heal you. Drench the events as you choose to contemplate them in the powerful frequencies of healing Light. Violet, golden-white and luminous blue can be most beneficial. Invite the beings of Light to be with you as you visit the events that caused you discomfort and know that the healing you have always sought can be yours now.

During this time of profound energetic shift for our entire Earth plane, such a life review healing is entirely necessary and more easily achievable than ever before. Be patient as you go through this process. You have carried the discomfort for a lifetime — perhaps for more than one lifetime.  Allow the layers to fall away and trust that they will.

This year do all you can to raise your vibration and prepare for a remarkable journey, here are some things you can do:





  • Get a spiritual coach:

Spiritual Coaching is based on the idea of “consciousness” and personal empowerment for a more holistic approach to life. This type of coaching takes spiritual principles and spiritual ideals into the real world, so that they can be applied practically to all aspects of our lives. It produces greater success in our endeavors, and promotes personal evolution on all levels. Fulfilling our desire to grow, be happy, experience peace and master life:


  • Do a Life Review Clearing:

I have been doing these healings for over 18 years now and have been working with the Lords of Light since a traumatic fall in 1990. My work can be accessed via skype or telephone.

These sessions are a blend of AK (an eclectic blend of biofeedback), Chinese acupuncture, emotional stress release, Reiki, NLP, channelling and energy manipulation called muscle testing. It is a powerful natural therapy of benefit to everyone regardless of their spiritual awareness or level of consciousness. Our spirit knows where the heartache lies within us. Beginning in our earliest memories there are painful moments. Carol is able to trace these conditional behaviour patterns back to their source by connecting with your unconscious mind, guides and spirit,  then eliminates them forever with neurological re-patterning. Any area of life from financial success to working with your spiritual guides can be tapped into and all blocks released. She defuses all emotionally charged issues related to the area you are intending to shift through a process of age and life regression techniques then re-programs your spirit and unconscious mind:



Remember that nothing has ever happened to us from the outside. All experiences were co-created. As sovereign beings of Light we ordained the events that occurred in our lives and we have the power to “un-create” what we no longer wish to carry.

Transforming our universe allows us to radiate our Light, and become a healing agent for all of Mother Earth. This does not require that any grandiose steps be taken only a willingness to go within and heal.



Project NZ update

Good Morning,

I slept better than I have for a long while last night. Yippy! I had tea, went for my work out and had my spelt and oat muffins baking in the oven; all before 8:00am. It’s amazing what sleeping through the night can do for a person.

Christine is packing her bags for New Zealand, she is still hopeful that the project will proceed. I’m still in energetic contact with the Grandmother I spoke of in my blog Dec. 23rd. I’m still holding the vision and surrendering to whatever needs to happen.

I’d like to thank Michelle of Spiritual Gardens and Jannette of Energy Fields in New Zealand for your offers to hold the energy and to assist in whichever way you can, we appreciate it very much. Thanks to Helen and PJ from here who have offered a donation toward the project as well, you Goddesses ROCK!

I was just remembering an experience I had in the mid 80’s on a holiday to NZ. I was so taken with the beauty and peacefulness as we drove I began to cry. The emotion soon overpowered me and I was weeping uncontrollably.  In those days I was still in my corporate yuppie stage of life. I had no concept of what “being aware” mean or the emotions I was experiencing.

I’ve always had a strong connection with indigenous peoples, and it would seem they do with me as well. First there was the invitation to 2nd Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. That was so magical and precious. Within 1 hour of being in Sedona we were invited to attend the Hopi Rain Dance. It seems so surreal now. Sitting in the bleachers watching the Katchinas, Clowns and Elders blessing the food with corn, it was all so very interesting and refreshing. I was overwhelmed with peace, love, bliss and feelings I still cannot describe. It was the first time since I walked into this body that I felt at home.

When I think back of being asked to come into the arena to participate in the ceremony near the end; my goodness we had fun and laughs; in fact somehow we made the whole crowd laugh. When I asked Phillip about it later he explained that the Hopi needed to honour diversity amongst all of mankind and that since we were the only white people there it was a great honour for them to include us. I ask you, “How rich is that?”

While we were there Phillip (who was also a goldsmith) spent time teaching me some ancient Hopi symbols, I felt as though I was receiving a precious gift. Turns out he was helping me to remember who I was. As you can imagine, we were not to take any photos. Before we left, I asked Phillip (Bear Claw Clan) and his wife (Sun Foreheads Clan) if I could have a photo with just the two of them, they agreed. This was before the time of digital cameras. Of course, that entire roll of film never developed, we lost all of our Grand Canyon photos as well. Oh and by the way, it rained that evening.

My next encounter was a heartfelt connection I made with a woman Shaman in Guatemala when I was doing my free healing for the poor in 2003. We were in this cool, little new age community at Lake Atitland. There was this yoga instructor who kept telling me about a friend she thought I’d connect with. She intended to introduce us that evening. We all went to an open mike, live music gig and while listening to a local artist, this older woman and I made eye contact. She was so remarkable, beautiful and glowing; I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She walked up to me and said. “I have come to get you, will you come with me?” My mouth dropped, I stood up, took her hand and we left. (Oh, turns out, this was the friend I was to meet)

She was Mayan and I could feel my heart open just looking at her. Because of her work as a Shaman she had the privilege of dancing in a ritual for  Drunvalo Melchizedek in Mexico. She showed me photos and we talked for hours. Time passed so quickly, and remained suspended simultaneously. When it was time to go she walked me back to my room and told me she would pick me up at 7:00 am to do a ritual before I left.

The next morning she showed up with 3 candles, matches, and a bag of other goodies. We walked for about 30 min on a trail around the lake. It was such a beautiful, sunny morning, I felt so comfortable with my new found sister. That morning we made magic, then sent it forth into the world. Once our intentions had been solidified with song, candles and incense we took off our clothes and floated on the crystal clear water of Lake Atitland. We floated head to head, hands touching, looking up at the sky and watching as one of the volcanoes released a small gray puff of smoke in acknowledgment of your connection and the love we sent forth to all of humanity. We walked back, bid our farewells and I have not seen this precious Goddess since.

Sometime later in 2004, Costa Rica, while I was still doing my free healing for the poor service, I met another Shaman by the name of Solomon. Although he lived in the mountains and folks traveled from all over the world to see him, he was actually from Haiti. He sent at least 5 different people looking for me before we met. I started feeling as though he was watching me. People would turn up at my home; knock on the door and say. “I have a message from Solomon, he would like you to come and visit him.” Then there were the locals who would come and say, “Carolina, my Solomon can’t understand why you haven’t gone to see him yet, please visit him, he needs to meet with you.” Then there would be strange messages like, “Solomon gave me this white powder and said it was from the same planet as you, when I asked him how he got it he just smiled, oh, he wants to see you ASAP.”

I know I needed to see him and I needed confirmation on some things. It was one of those situations that was challenging. I only had a bike and needed to take a cab into the country about 2 1/2 hours to get there, then there was the language barrier and…  A few months later I fell down a well, at night, in the jungle, no one around and because there was a new moon I had no light to see. Needless to say, within a few days of this, someone miraculously showed up to take me to see him. It was quite the set up. Locals and others sitting around waiting, it was first come, first serve. Everyone talked about haw incredible this man was, and I couldn’t imagine why he wanted to see me. I was a little overwhelmed and a little scared, a little excited and a little confused. The first one I met was his wife, she was ecstatic to see me and so grateful I came. Oh, I was guided to bring them a turkey, so I did. A real live turkey, in a cage that was clearly too small for the poor thing. His wife smiled and winked, thanks we don’t have one of these, come with me. She led me to the backyard where there was an Aviary with tons of unique birds. Gosh when that turkey came out it didn’t take him long to act as though he owned the place, he was beautiful.

Solomon saw me immediately, I felt a little strange and insisted I wait my turn, but he would have no part of it. We spent the first 10 min in silence just looking into each others eyes. We then traded some objects, he gave me gifts and I gave him gifts. Then he told me that he needed to help me bring in more of the Holy Spirit. Once I agreed to let him work on me; he did.  Some things seemed a little funky, other stuff was cool; then one point he held a white dove over my head; it dropped a feather and then was returned to the Aviary. All this was done with the assistance of an interpreter, who could not be there for the entire process. When it was over, he smiled and thanked me for coming, touched my face and winked. I never saw him again. He never called for me or sent anyone for me again.

It is surely to do with the many lifetimes I have had connected to these cultures and ways. This explains why I hear the call of the Grandmother and she is in my heart.

The sun is beginning to stream through my window, it looks great out there. I guess it’s time for me to get the Christmas decorations down, perhaps wash that car of ours and enjoy this beautiful day. I will post any new info about NZ tomorrow.

May your day be filled with Majesty and Light,


NZ crystal grid info

Good Day Mates,

Since my hands are tied with Mercury Retrograde at the time being I am putting myself to work prepping for several other things that I can currently focus on. I’ve asked my guidance what to concentrate on. Tomorrow I will be teaching Christine how to do the 18 breath Merkabah activation so we can co-create at higher levels. I would also like to begin working on your thoughts and intentions for the grid being set up. Below, I have listed some info and ideas that might help get the ball rolling.


Crystals have long been known to have metaphysical properties. These include the ability to store energy or frequencies and the ability to transmit energies even from a distance. Crystal Masters have also used the technique of crystal grids to amplify certain frequencies in enhancing their work.

We will use this phenomenon to create a crystal grid that will store and transmit energies for New Zealand and its peoples. The energies  will be continually focused on DNA activation, harmony, balance, overcoming challenges, achieving goals,  protection, transforming  energies or anything you as a group choose.

Some individuals may resonate strongly to one system over another but the scope and range of effective healing modalities in the cosmos is truly infinite. The main thing we need to do is to pay attention, look, listen, and feel, be receptive to the guidance and the energies of the crystals, Gaia , the Divas and your own inner knowing.

All routines of clearing, programming, activation etc are rituals that are designed to help people open and be receptive to the information and energies. They are not essential from the standpoint of the crystal however they do enjoy assisting us and playing a key role. One may choose to use some or many of these practices to establish a connection with the crystals but ultimately it is your own relationship and opening that is important. Of course some ritual and basic routine is necessary although one must watch for the tendency to make technique all-important. One can lose the essence of the real communication and miss the genuine information and healing by submerging oneself in too formal of a structure.

A grid pattern used to help resolve community concerns is made of two
groups of three stones set in triangles with the points interlocked toward the center, a center stone placed between the two triangles will act as an energy transmitter to represent the particular subject or aspect of the situation being worked on. Grid forms are based on the theories of sacred geometry and are the most common when working with Gaia. The photo’s I have previously sent out hold the form we will be using as given to me by spirit.

When we charge the grid I would like to know what you would like it charged with. What thought intentions, here are a few examples.

a. “I empower this grid with light, light, light to heal, heal, heal with love, love, love.”
b. “I empower this grid with love, love, love, harmony, harmony, harmony and peace, peace, peace.”
c. I ask my highest guides to attune this grid of light, light, light and wisdom, wisdom, wisdom to create balance, balance, balance.”

We can charge 12 statements in total. Please think about what energies and thoughts you would like to live with and let me know. It will be in your country so co-create something beautiful that works for all of NZ. I have been given the appropriate symbols and numerical codes, all I need from you are your statements/intentions. You can attach a comment to the end of the blog, that way all who would like to be involved can actively participate and co-create. When I have everyone’s impute I will send back the final version for your definitive consent.

I will leave this with you and wait for word back and I patiently await your contributions for the grid.

Blessings of Majesty, Love and Light,


The time is now for transformation. It is a new era and we are poised with the opportunity to bring in a new consciousness, and co-create a new reality. Why? Because the light within each of us has been turned on, and it’s our job to turn that light on brighter and brighter until all false thought forms dissolve in the light of our Truth.
~Dr. Michelle L. Casto~

Project NZ Progress Update #2

Let’s see, where I am at today. A little tired and feeling like I need a break from Project New Zealand!

This week was intended to be time to work on my book and with all the emails, contacting people and gathering info, there has been absolutely no book writing. I really need to handle some things around the house and get some shopping done! I may need to take a step back and let the Universe do some work for a bit.

Yesterday Shelley Metcalfe helped me out with setting up a group on facebook called Project New Zealand. It is another vehicle for others to tune into what is happening. Thanks a bunch Shelley.

I can’t find any email addresses for Air New Zealand executives so I have posted info on the Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe’s facebook wall about the project. I send out two emails with info to their sponsor program and the environment office, unfortunately that was all I could find other than their regular addresses on the website for booking flights and customer service.

I had lunch with a client and it felt good to get away from the computer and turn myself off for an hour. Meenu Bakshi from donated $101.00 toward the purchase of a crystal for the grid. Big Thanks to her!

I would like to thank Jay for compiling a list of possible contacts for us, between Ann, Christine and myself I believe we reached most of the people on the list. His wife Meera, connected me with a woman who moved here from NZ last year named Asha.
I spent a couple of hours with Asha who was an editor in NZ and has a Maori friend there she tried to contact; turns out the woman may be gone on holidays for a couple of months.

Cathy Yeomans who is starting her own business offered to help by doing a Press Release last night before her company arrives for the holidays, but she doesn’t know the NZ requirements. I tried to contact Asha again via email and phone to find out the requirements but we haven’t connected and I need the info ASAP…If anyone out there knows the format for a press release in New Zealand, could you please send me the info.

I would like to thank Selwyn and Pam Gillies who live in Paihia, Bay of Islands, NZ for sending Christine info on Barry Brailsford – author of “The Song of the Waitaha”, perhaps he knows how to get in touch with a tribe or their ancestors.

Thanks goes to Robyn Downie who has offered to help the project from this end with prayers and energetic support.

I did send Drunvalo Melchizedek info through his website, not sure if it will get passed on to him or be suspended in cyberspace somewhere. I think I will attempt Gregg Bradon next; wish me luck!

I think that’s all the progress I have to report. To the folks in NZ we really need your help in order for this project to be a success.

Project New Zealand

Project New Zealand

It has recently been brought to our attention that New Zealand holds the key to several processes and as of such we have been called to assist in these developments. When I say recently I mean recently! Four Weeks ago I knew I was being called to New Zealand, I thought it was to go on vacation and connect with some other light-workers. Plain, simple, easy and doable. Then last week I realized the scope of what God, the Angels or my Guidance (pick one) is asking of me. Now I’m stressed out, freaking out and have the perfect opportunity to walk my talk, after all I do teach Stress Management and Manifesting!

So here is what my guidance would like me to achieve on an extremely short time-line; you decide if I’m a lunatic for attempting this one…
One of the key components that will be addressed upon our arrival is that of potential Earth changes scheduled for 2011. New Zealand has a crystalline structure that has shifted out of alignment and needs to be re-aligned. All crystals are infinite living beings of light and have healing and connective resonances that can be utilized.

We are being called together to activate a new crystal grid that will re-align the previous grid. The new positioning will help ease the turbulence within the Earth as a whole and assist us in connecting with our higher selves.

We are also aware of the importance and the role of the New Zealand, indigenous peoples. In Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book “The Serpent of Light” he highlights New Zealand’s indigenous peoples as playing a key role in the DNA activation of the Ascension process. We have been assured that DNA Activations will naturally occur once the grid is in place. This means that anyone visiting New Zealand in the future will receive an activation. This will attract many new light-workers and others to your country and in turn snowball supporting all humanity to some degree.

The mathematical information and longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates have been given to us in order to assemble the new crystal grid. As you can imagine this is going to be a huge project requiring support from many levels. As Canadians we are not as familiar with New Zealand and her peoples as may be necessary. It is for this reason we are sending out a call for assistance on several levels.

The scheduled time for the blessing and charging will be on the January 2011 full moon. We need to place the crystals in the allocated locations within 48 hours of this ritual. We must then proceed with a group meditation to activate and fire the grid while the moon is in Virgo. This gives us a mere 3-4 days to complete the alignment. There are four locations on the north part of the South Island and two locations on the south end of the North Island. We need to choose a meeting point where all crystals will be together along with their guardians for the ceremony/ritual.

I have the master crystal that I (Carol Lefevre) will be donating to New Zealand; I will ask a friend here who owns a crystal shop if he can donate one as well. Christine Wilkinson, my partner in co-creation will also be donating the center crystal. It will be up to you in NZ to find and donate the remaining 5 or 6 crystals for your country (depending on Amethyst Creations and its owner). Each crystal needs to be a minimum of 18-20 cm.

We would like to arrive in NZ by Jan 9th-11th at the latest. As of yet we have no airline ticket and are waiting patiently for this gift to materialize.

I can be reached through my website: or via email: I’m in the Vancouver lower mainland, British Columbia, Canada
We obviously will need someone from NZ to co-ordinate group meditations and/or events that we will be happy to contribute to; all events related to this healing should be Free of Charge.
Map with exact locations and co-ordinates will be provided at a later date compliments of Joshua Akizuki.

Today this is what we know we need:

• Airline tickets and Transportation
• Accommodations (with kitchen preferably) or host home
• 5-6 quartz crystals, 6 sided generators, minimum of 18-20 cm
• An Elder of the Waitaha tribe to bless the crystals
• A tribal ritual of New Zealand’s indigenous people to charge the crystals
• 7 people or 7 groups of people to go to the coordinates and bury the crystals
• Group Meditation/s to activate or fire up the grid
• Groups of people from around the globe to tune into the rituals and grid activation to assist in holding the energy

In return for your support this is what we can offer:

• Assistance to all New Zealand and her people on several levels, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental
• More stability for the Grids located in the Earth resulting in lessening of the effects of Earth changes
• Free teachings and group meditations that connect you to all aspects of your being; High-self, Christed-self, Cosmic-self, Multi-dimensional self, Universal-self, and I Am Presence
• Disclosure of rituals, grid location and activation process
• DNA Activations will naturally occur once the grid is in place
• Daily Blog as to progress including event dates, times and locations taking place or meditations and rituals to tune into
• List and acknowledgment of all supporters of the project

We ask you all to join in the intuitive rhythm of co-creation!
I will be meeting with someone who immigrated to Canada from NZ last year that has connections with the Maori Peoples. I will keep you posted.

If anyone can assist in any way please contact me ASAP with any ideas, suggestions, help or anything really!