Recapitulation is a method of recovering the power and energy that we have lost or given away to people, places, and things. This technique recognizes that we have luminous energy “filaments” or aka cords extending from ourselves to others. These connections or aka cords form when we direct our attention and energy outward toward something or someone else. They are also formed when others place their attention and energy on us. Such connections often involve some mutual intent or agreement between ourselves and others. It is the objective then to recognize and inventory these energy connections, decide which ones to keep or cultivate, and which ones are not in our best interest. We can then manage our energy connections, stop parasitic energy drains and recover stagnant energy, freeing our energy bodies and becoming more fluid and mobile.

Recapitulation is the process of calling back energy we have exhausted from past, thoughts, actions or deeds. This process is a self-directed discipline or technique that enables an us to reclaim and repair damage to our energy bodies. It can include the damage and energy drain that comes from soul loss or soul fragmentation, mental complexities, emotional attachments, addictions, entities in our energy field; living or deceased and psychic attacks. To recapitulate entails recalling the people we have had experiences with, the places we have been, and the emotions, thoughts and feelings associated which each. We begin from present day and travel back down out timeline to our earliest memory.

Recapitulation it is not a cure all, it is a process that heals and extinguishes hot spots in our emotional bodies. The great thing about recapitulation is that it is practiced on your own. Taking responsibly for one’s own healing is, empowering for most of us. Recapitulation can benefit everyone and is based on energy work rather than analysis or talk therapy. I find that this process combines well with other healing modalities such as shamanic soul retrieval, emotional release work, Reiki, etc.

This recapitulation process was initially described in The Eagle’s Gift by Carlos Castaneda and later refined by Victor Sanchez.

The technique below was derived from those described by these authors and new information I channeled, so as with anything new modifications have been made based on my guidance.

The Recapitulation Lists

The first step is to make a list. The list is primarily of the meaningful events of your life. It is intended to direct one to remember and relive past events, to help us recover hidden memories and to help us discern what the significant events of our life really are. A few of the types of events to include in the list includes:

  • Agreements or commitments that you made with yourself, family or friends that you did or did not keep and you still hold a strong memory of them
  • Agreements or commitments that you made with your religion or God
  • Every sexual experience you’ve ever had
  • Events and situations in which you felt shame or embarrassment
  • Items or people you have lost and can’t get over
  • Thoughts, feelings or memories that you hide from others
  • Situations when you sabotaged or betrayed yourself
  • Times or events where you have been cruel to animals, plants or people
  • Negative people that you want out of your life
  • Events the you recall compromising a part of yourself
  • Events that caused you fear
  • Situation or relationships which resulted in emotional pain
  • Times you felt strong emotions such as abandonment, loneliness or rejection
  • Negative situations that you want out of your life
  • Major illnesses that you have suffered and still have emotional ties to
  • Time that make you angry, frustrated and resentful
  • Legal issues you have faced that didn’t go your way

Healthy relationships with friends, family members and others are not something that you need to retrieve energy from or sever the ties with. However, vows, oaths and promises all bind our intent, so from that point on, our actions, feelings and thoughts are consistently directed toward fulfilling or maintaining those commitments regardless of whether or not we remember having made them. As children, we often make vows and become bound to them even though we no longer remember making them. These impulsive pledges of childish devotion and eternal love can cost us our freedom in the present. If you are like me and have that special someone you wanted to be friends forever with, this could be something to recapitulate especially if you decided to become blood brothers or sisters with them. Unless we deliberately retrieve our energy and our original intent and them, that energy can never rise freely to be expressed in the present.

You are not looking to recapitulate trivial details, we all have enough to do without worrying about small insignificant events . You are looking for events and experiences that hold a lot of unresolved energy. Remember that the purpose of living on this plane is to gain experience, make choices, learn from choices and acquire wisdom and understanding. Recapitulation is not supposed to replace or be a substitute for our process, it is meant to be used as a healing process, to correct the effects of injuries to our energetic body.

When you recapitulate you may feel the long stretchy fibers that extend out from your solar plexus. These are the conductors that will allow the energy to return to your being. In order to recapture our strength and unity, we have to recapture this energy that we sent out into the world. You will begin to feel the energy oozing back into your body instantly. Some people can get dizzy or nauseous at times, this soon stabilizes.

Things you should know:

  1. If you receive an insight or memory that is not in the sequence of 5 year cycles, go ahead and recapitulate that memory next, it’s important to follow the energy streams that your receive.
  2. For women, it is extremely important that you start by recapitulating all men you’ve ever had a sexual encounter with. For women, this is where the bulk of our energy is caught. Men leave specific energy lines plugged into the body of a woman. These energy lines are designed to sip our energy. Women feed men energetically through the filaments they leave behind at an etheric level. This is one of the reasons men return again and again to the same woman, to maintain their source of energetic sustenance. This is true even is the sexual experience wasn’t intercourse.

Recapitulation Instructions:

  1. Create a circle around yourself using crystals or candles to define an energetic boundary for your process. Make yourself comfortable by sitting comfortably in a chair or on a pillow.
  2. Start by making a list of people , places or situations during the past 5 years that you have been giving energy too, or vivid memories and feelings you have about them.
  3. To begin, do and “I AM Presence” connection and the Karmic Board and your guides to assist you in reclaiming yourself.
  4. If you know how to activate your Merkabah, this will amplify the technique, and it can be done regardless of whether or not you are familiar with this tool.
  5. Extend your little and index fingers, then make a circle by touching your thumb to the tips of the remaining fingers. This will act as a signal to attract the attention of life-force and allow it to enter the body through the energy lines in the finger tips. ApanaMudra-hand
  6. Visualize or feel the memory you are about to recapitulate as clearly as possible. Put yourself slightly above the experience. Imagine gathering all your energy from the experience into a ball.
  7. Turn your head to the left, inhale threw your nose as with the thought intention: I CALL MY SPIRIT BACK. The energy ball will flow into you at that instant.
  8. Exhale out your mouth as you turn your head to the right and release any emotions or thoughts associated with the experience, such as anger, rage, guilt. Your thought intention is: I RELEASE YOU WITH LOVE & FORGIVENESS.
  9. Repeat this process until your energy has returned to you fully and it is cleared of all negativity.
  10. When you feel complete, face center, inhaled, hold your breath and make a quick turn of the head left to right with the thought intention: SO BE IT, IT IS DONE. Return to center, exhale, this will break the ties, contracts and agreements completely.
  11. Repeat Numbers 2-6 until your list is complete.
  12. Make a list of the next 5 years and start the process again. Continue until you get to your earliest memories.

During your recapitulation work, other memories or events will surface. Although they may not be in chronological order, go ahead and clear them if they turn up. Sometimes one memory or feeling can have strong aka cords in another timeline or be attached to another event.

I started by doing  five years at a time each week. I got up early to do it first thing in the morning. I found that as I did it other events or circumstances would pop into my head, so I recommend keeping a pen and paper with you to remember them all.

This is a process that takes time and commitment. I promise that if you invest in getting your spirit back  your vitality, life force and creativity will all return to you and your life will be soooo much more rewarding and present.

Enjoy the journey,



To: Vilcabamba With: Love and Gratitude

Wow, I can hardly believe I’ve been home from Ecuador for 22 days and haven’t blogged one thing about my trip. I guess there is so much to say, so many experiences to share and so many energies to describe I really didn’t know where to begin.

And then, just like magic it all came flooding in this evening after coming home from a much needed yoga class.

The Place: Healing Movements Yoga Centre     or on   Facebook

It has proven to be my sweet oasis, a safe and healing place that allows me to nourish my body and being on so many levels.

The owners are loving, kind, nurturing and conscious. They have worked hard to create a sacred space where we join together as a community to learn one of the oldest, most powerful and sacred teachings of all time.

It’s the perfect space for those with extensive knowledge of various healing modalities, meditation and yoga, yet comfortable for newcomers who are ready to enter a path of spirit development and de-stress their lives.


The Instructor: Patricia.

A breeze of fresh air. I peek up and see that she watches the entire class, paying close attention to their body, breath, life force and movement, all while teaching and holding the energy for each person to receive exactly what they require. Magnificent!


As I lay in Shavasana at the end of the class in complete gratitude, in comes “spirit” with a message. “Gift your necklace to Patricia”. The necklace is made with a tagua nut seed and crushed rhodochrosite crystal inside. It has kind of a hipster look, not something I’d normally wear but once I put it on, wow! I’m like, “WHAT…I just wore it for the first time today and I fell in love…You gotta be kidding!”

It is said that the meat of the tagua nuts and it’s seeds have the strength and intelligence of an elephant, thus natives of South America call it vegetable ivory. Because of its sanctity and healing properties, tagua has occupied an important place in every aspect of life.

Indigenous healers use tagua to replenish vitality and cure diseases caused by low energy and a weak immune system. It has a direct bearing on our bone marrow.

Tagua corresponds to the sun and the energy corresponding to the solar plexus, and therefore is especially good for enhancing vitality, boosting the immune system, and cultivating will power and determination…Nice, right!

My mind immediately went through all the back and forth arguing and detachment stuff that comes with surrender, then I finally chose to follow my guidance. Something felt off, like it wasn’t a piece she would wear, so after everyone left, I asked her if she would wear a necklace like this, and much to my delight and confusion she said NO. Delighted that I wouldn’t have to give it up, confused about why my guides were telling me to give her this necklace.

Maya was in the car, hungry and ready to go, so I told Patricia that when I got home, I would dowse to see if there was a crystal in the piece she needed. I made it to bed around 10:00 or so and as I began my evening rituals, in the back of my mind, still wondering what was going on, I was given a very cool message…”It’s not the energy of a crystal Pat needs…It’s Vilcabamba”.

And that my friends is how my instructor Patricia inspired me to finally write this blog, here goes…

It’s hard to explain the magical energy of a little town called Vilcabamba in Ecuador. I will start by saying that I have yearned to go to South America for over 30 years, so finally getting to go was a dream come true.

Ecuador, has a wide-range of scenery. Hills and mountains, huge cities and quaint towns, interesting wildlife, amazing flowers and trees, big bugs and beautiful coastlines with wide sandy beaches. I was so fortunate to have seen so much of the country. Transportation in Ecuador is inexpensive and so convenient. You can sit and enjoy the view while others are at the helm. I will blog about other parts of Ecuador in my next blog, for now let’s talk healing.

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Nestled on the edge of this remote town sits an oasis, Vilcabamba. I found Vilcabamba to have a deeply spiritual and unique international community that thrives in this “Valley of Longevity.” From a spiritual perspective it is the hard to explain but the energy there is different, it’s a feel good kinda place, the kind that makes you want to be more yourself, more present and in tune with source.

In metaphysical terms:

  • The veil is thinner, so if feels as though you are closer to spirit
  • There are orbs everywhere
  • Thought forms manifest especially fast
  • Synchronicity is unstoppable
  • Almost everything is spirit directed
  • The energy field is clean and pristine
  • It touches a specialness deep within you
  • It transcends boundaries of all types
  • It embraces and connects you on many levels
  • It’s like giving yourself the biggest most loving hug ever

After travelling to over 19 countries and living in several of them, I am confident in saying, “there’s magic in the air”, quite literally in Vilcabamba. I have seen a ton of ET activity and multi-dimensional cross over’s, still, nothing like this.

There’s a cosmic force and a new kind of ET activity happening there. One with a Conscious Rising that is unique and brilliant one that changes perspectives and lives very quickly. I met some great new friends; David and Liz (she is Ecuadorian) who live in Vilcabamba. They say “It’s high energy that will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit up out”. So if you’re looking for change, to get closer to the Divine and really work on yourself and many aspects of your being, this is the perfect place to be. The individuals there, truly are “meant to be there” and a very interesting cast and crew I might add.

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I have often wondered how little old me could reach more people, share more love, raise more awareness, somehow open a door for the masses to experience gifts they may never discover on their own. Well, the energy of Vilcabamba allowed me to do just that. I met soooo many awesome people, and one in particular who touched my being and inspired an aha moment…Nelson Denman

Remember the unstoppable synchronicity and transcending boundaries of all types I mentioned? It turns out that with a little support from the cosmos, added with a sparkle or two of fairy dust and an open heart, Nelson and I co-created a simple and effective way to raise the consciousness of groups of people. How you ask? Through Reiki; I had the pleasure of initiating Nelson into Reiki.

He is currently writing and composing a folk opera entitled: “The Rights of Nature.” Nelson is an accomplished musician and cellist. He is spiritual, with real heart and creative inspiration running through his being. If you follow the link you can stay up to date with his project.

Nelson’s accomplishments are many, he performs and teaches guitar, bass, violin and cello and has collaborated musically with Paul Winter, Larry Littlebird, Peter Kater, Robert Sequoia, Consuelo Luz, Richard Russell and many others. He plays cello on the CD of the World Premiere of Voyages by Paul Cisze. He has completed 2 CDs of music: Earth Doctor, The Chakra Mode Cycle, and is working on Slack Key Cello.

Now every time Nelson plays to an audience or anyone, that Reiki energy is going out there with his intention, passion and music…Well Done! I was also guided to activate and initiate his three fold flame (Love, Power and Wisdom) so that when others hear his music theirs will also be activated. As Vilcabamba and Nelson magic would have it, Dominique and I were the first to receive and experience the gift of Nelson’s cello and new vibration that day. How enchanting. I so encourage you to hear him play.

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Vilcabamba inspires you to touch a specialness deep within yourself in remarkable ways:

  • I had the pleasure and company of two amazing individuals, then I taught them (David and Liz) how to activate their 3 breath Merkabah, now they can really shake things up in town, lol.

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  • It was a delight to work with another awesome, high vibration woman named Ann.

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  • I taught 14 year old Cort how to dowse and spend a touching evening with his parents.

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  • We played and prayed with orbs in the woods at night.

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  • I learned how much commitment is needed to deliver great photographs from Paul, not many people can snap a great picture of me. Kudos Paul.

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  • Most importantly I re-connected with Dominique, a beloved friend who I hadn’t spent real quality time for years., It too was magical in many new and powerful ways. Wow, did we do loads of spiritual work and have tons of fun!

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Dominique and I stayed at a place called Rumi Wilco. It was a 15-20 minute walk to the centre of Vilcabamba. Rumi Wilco is an Ecolodge that provides a human habitat within the only remaining semi-natural protected setting in the valley. We stayed in one of the River Cabins which are located in the midst of nature, a healing river and surrounded with 12 trails to explore. The cabin was the perfect size for us, with a well equipped kitchen and the most comfortable beds you can imagine.

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Every morning we wake up to the sound of the river and songbirds in the background. We had a gorgeous path through the forest daily, encounters with donkeys and cows, a river filled with quartz crystal, cool stone walls and domes in the middle of the forest and vibrant butterflies… fairly normal stuff for our daily trek to town and back.

Vilcabamba, is remarkably free from most kinds of pollution: electromagnetic, air and water. No planes overhead dropping chemtrails on the population, either. The ground water is amazingly clean because it’s recharged from rainfall on the nearby Podocarpus National Forest, where water flows down into the valley on a regular basis. It creates a unique situation for several types of healing. This leaves the air remarkably clean and energetically perfect for a great night’s sleep. I haven’t slept that well in 12 years…seriously.

Another grand design and wonderful manifestation was the convenience of our friend Paul, staying in town at Le Rendez-Vous. A quaint, beautiful hostal with gardens and mountain views from each adobe style room. After our 20 min trek through the forest with backpacks on in the heat, we were grateful to have access to Paul’s space. We were always welcomed with a warm smile and a glass of water. We had access to his Wi-Fi so we could skype with loved ones and change from our sneakers and damp clothes into our flip flops and sundresses before heading to the main square. Thanks Paul!

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Practically every restaurant around Vilcabamba serves fresh, raw fruit juices. Organic food is everywhere. I have to say that the environment energetically supports self development and spiritual awakening, whether you see it coming or not. The people in Vilcabamba are relaxed, welcoming, helpful, considerate and oh ever so interesting.


Food production in the Valley of Longevity is so easy and abundant that it’s almost hard to believe. In mere weeks, you can grow a huge garden full of vegetables from the rich topsoil. In a few months, you can grow papayas, figs, babacos and berries. And…believe it or not, in a few years, you could have your own orchard of oranges, macadamia nuts, jungle almonds, noni fruit, avocados and much more if you wanted to. This is one of the reasons that Dominique is thinking of selling her beautiful home in Salinas, to buy a farm in Vilcabamba. We were lucky enough to experience some great fresh fruits and veggies while staying with Elizabeth (Liz) and David, they have amazing gardens, fruit trees and animals. I know it is a lot of work, and Liz certainly loves it and puts her heart and soul into it daily.

Dominique and I did most of our own cooking. We did our big shop in Loja 4 minutes from town before we arrived. It was hilarious watching 7 bags of groceries and two suitcases being packed in a wheel barrel through the bush to get to our cabin. The Sunday markets, both in Vilcabamba and Malecatos are amazing, check out the photos from Paul below.


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The essence of Palo-Santo loomed everywhere, in shops and from venders in the square. Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.  In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”.

It is an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to Source.  It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity (sniffing it now as I write, lol) and brings good fortune to those who are open to its Magic.  It is burned in ceremonies by Shamans and Medicine people for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage. I am so grateful that I brought some home with me, the smell is a reminder of the energy and essence of Vilcabamba.

Wow, writing this blog and emailing my new friends, makes me want to move there…No wonder Pat’s spirit wants to connect with the vigour and power of Vilcabamba…who wouldn’t?

I’m glad to have so many reminders that hold this sacred energy with me. I asked the river for a rock, it surprised me with two. I asked Mother Earth for some clay and she gave me a wonderful stone buried within the clay. I asked for cleansing I received Palo-Santo. I asked for strength and vitality and I received a beautiful tagua nut seed necklace. All these gifts hold the energy and magic of the “Valley of Longevity” within them and reminders of the heart connections I made that will forever remain in my soul.

A: Vilcabamba Con: Amor y Gratitud

Carol Lefevre

New Foods for Surviving Hep C

Hi All,

I thought I’d better get back at it, people are beginning to wonder if I’m OK. I am in my 8th week of therapy and I have to say it certainly hasn’t been the wonderful walk in the park I was expecting. While trying to come up with a perspective or way to explain the many feelings, emotions and symptoms to a friend, I came up was is an analogy that is little odd, but most people at some point and time in their lives can relate and  understand this…

I looked at her, cocked my head and said, “Have you ever had a really, really bad hangover, the kind that takes you 3 days to recuperate from? You feel so sick, barely getting out of bed, wanting to eat junk food, ’cause it’s easier than making a meal, somehow a salad and the work that goes into one just doesn’t cut it? The kind where you lounge around or sleep, watching mindless TV, then the guilting yourself out for the poor use of your life-force, time, expression and flogging yourself for the beautiful weekend you just wasted begins.” She looked at me and shook her head in acknowledgment and added “oh, yes, I know that one and…whenever I have done it, the good times hardly justified the days after pain that followed!”

So I feel like I’ve had a major hangover for 8 weeks. Yes I can function, my mornings being the most productive. The other issues can be a little more wearing, the constant headaches, feverishness and sudden energy drops. My body also appears to need food, when it needs food…like NOW or…you’re gonna crash! I’ve discovered that the weird thing I feel in my stomach that is a mixture of nausea and some funky sugar/adrenaline rush means “eat NOW, or suffer.” I’m not talking about suffering down the road, if I do not consume food within 10 minutes of that signal…I’m down, laying on the ground, rolling around suffering, headache, fever, nausea and I can’t even begin to describe some of the other symptoms…so I got to learn to listen to my body pretty well if I want to have life while treating this virus.

I have been a very conscious eater for at least 20 years. So when someone (nurse) says, “you need to eat 20 grams of fat before you take your medication.” I have to admit it’s been a challenge. The first week realized, wow we are low fat eaters, how am I gonna do this? John would say, “Have almond butter and toast.” I check it out, 1 gram of fat in the bread we buy, 8.5 grams in a tablespoon of almond oil, 2 grams in the yogurt, God, it was hard.

It’s easy finding unhealthy fat…bacon, eggs, toast…hmmm, hash browns! The real challenge finding healthy fats without consuming sooo much food.  Remember the weird hangover systems…not wanting to cook, having prepared food, too sick to get off the couch? This is the issue with this medication I’m on. The thought of eating is bad enough, but having to get up and cook it, yikes…I likely wouldn’t be eating much if I didn’t have to have the 20 grams of fat with my medication twice daily.

I decided to come up with a few dishes that can be made with healthy fats, taste good and keep well either in the refrigerator for a couple days or I can freeze. I do my interferon injection on Thursdays now, that way I function somewhat normally during the week and my two worst days are Sat. and Sun. On those days it’s takes every ounce of consciousness just to keep myself hydrated and food is the last thing I care about…some days I say, “Grill cheese with onions on sprouted bread, cooked in olive oil…ketchup, please, oh and I need it 5 minutes ago.” Yes on those days, just making myself a sandwich can be tough…ugh! John has the patience of a Saint, maybe I’ll start calling him St. John!

So here’s a few things I have come up with that might help the rest of you with healthy, tasty, nutritional food that had fat…but the good kind.

I created this base that I could use in other things. o be honest I didn’t really measure anything but I don’t think you can go too wrong with it. You begin by caramelizing onions in coconut oil in one frying pan, do the same with tomatoes in another pan. I added some salt, pepper, thyme, and xylitol as a sweetening agent. While they were frying I slice some zucchini and fried that as well. I added all three together and tossed with olive oil to finish. It is tasty and a good way to add something with fat to another dish to add flavour.

zuc, onion, tomatoThe same day I made a vegetable bean salad and used 1/2 the beans to make a bean dip. I love the magic bullet for stuff like that!

For the salad, just put in whatever veggies you prefer and add beans. I added lupins, chick peas and white kidney beans. I use a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar, linseed oil, olive oil and Italian spices. It lasts 4 days and is fast and easy to grab when you are in a hurry.

veg and bean saladThe bean dip is simply the same beans with sun dried tomatoes that come in olive oil, lemon juice, brags seasoning and then blended in the bullet…sometimes you have to add water to get the right consistency.

bean dip bullet bean dip with salad

Lets see, oh the pizza is a great way to get fat, and some healthy veggies too. We use sprouted grain tortillas as the crust. The trick is to use cornmeal on the pan so it gets crunchy, coconut oil between the tortillas and cook at 425 for 15 minutes. I used some of the zucchini, onion, tomato mixture on mine. Check it out:

I tried my hand at chicken lettuce wraps as well. They were awesome. I froze some in containers for later. I guess you could add dry noodles or a tortilla instead of the lettuce if you wanted to. This is the recipe I used:

I added more veggies than it called for and more healthy oils.

food art 010I don’t eat much pasta but decided it would be another way to make something different that I could add health fat too. I just made a spelt pasta and added olive oil, asiago cheese, roasted garlic, kale and some of the zucchini, onion, tomato mix I made previously…added some prawns for protein.

pasta with prawnsSmoothies are a good way of getting all your nutrient in at once and I simply add my fat to it as well. They become boring and take some time to do right but, they are far better than that weird “On the Go” stuff the drug company tried to pawn off on me. You’ll get the idea when you see the pictures. I usually include my bio-K, flax oil, protein and supplements all at the same time with some frozen fruit.

paradigm shift 012paradigm shift 015

And last but not least I did the homemade chia and organic spelt flour muffins. I usually bake 24 and freeze them so we have them on hand as needed. I have attached both recipes from my candida blog in case you want to try them…they are good.

food art 002 food art 005 food art 007 food art 008

Well that’s about all I can get out for today, getting that signal from my body to go eat…NOW, so off to have some bean dip on celery while my soup warms up. OMG, have I got a story for you on the next blog…will try to get going on it in the next few day…stay posted!

Enjoy some of these new food ideas, till later in the week, over and out…


Improve your Health, Feel Better and Be Empowered

Sometimes we face challenges in life that traditional medical methods cannot identify nor heal with what is known or visible.  If there is an imbalance in the body that has not fully manifested into physical dis-ease, it may be challenging to heal without knowing the source of the symptoms.  A Medical Intuitive sees and feels beyond the physical to identify the source of the pain and supports a client in healing often before the symptoms turn into a serious physical dis-ease.

A trained professional in Bio-Energetic Analysis can read the blueprint of your aura and physical body to reveal mental, emotional, physical or spiritual ailments. The process is simple. Just place a Q-tip in your mouth first thing in the morning before brushing, foods or liquids. Leave it there for 20 seconds the place it into a clean plastic zip lock bag and mail it to them.

It seems as though root causes of illness such as parasites, toxins and plain old candida are never really addressed in allopathic medicine these days. I mean when is the last time your doctor asked you if you had mercury amalgam fillings, if you consume MSG or aspartame on a regular basis, or whether or not you have pets and have de-wormed yourself your family lately, or how much soya you consume? These are things that don’t even cross the minds of most physicians. No wonder so many of us are feeling…hmmm…just not quite right and never get the answers we are seeking.

The reading shows all the answers to these questions and more. It shows under or over activities in each of your organs, hormones and bodily functions allowing pathogens (metal poisoning, candida, viruses, msg toxicity, food allergies, anger, thought patterns…) to be detected that are preventing you from your health and fitness goals. These pathogens are often in everyday foods and products that you may be unknowingly consuming. Left untreated pathogens can become the root of many underlying and debilitating diseases such as thyroid imbalances, joint and muscle pain, Arthritis, back pain, stress, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, memory loss, etc.

Included in your reading is your vitamin, mineral, supplement and food needs to ensure your body is balanced for optimal health and to meet your fitness goals.

Herbs, homeopathics and supplements are often recommended to cleanse, repair and rebuild your system. The awesome thing about one of these readings is that it takes the guess work out of health issues. Knowing exactly what is in our system and how to treat it is empowering. No more guessing what cleanse to do, no more endless research and confusion, no more wasted money spent on supplements that don’t work or that you didn’t really need.

To give you a simple example; this is what having lead in our bodies can do:

  • Stomach aches, cramping, constipation, or diarrhea
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Persistent, unexplained fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle weakness
  • Irritability
  • Unexplained changes in mood or personality
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Memory loss

Behavioural symptoms in children

  • Irritability or aggressiveness
  • Hyperactivity, being easily distracted, impulsiveness
  • Learning problems
  • Lack of interest in play
  • Loss of appetite

Children with chronic low blood lead levels who may not have obvious symptoms of lead poisoning may have learning problems and be smaller in size than children their age who do not have low to moderate levels of lead poisoning. Studies have shown that declines in IQ can even be seen in children with blood lead concentrations. And you thought you needed to medicate your child because of A.D.D., nope just give them some plumbum metalicum and get the lead out!

Where does lead come from you ask? Here are some of the culprits:

  • cigarettes and second hand smoke
  • paints, especially in older homes
  • tin cans
  • pollution
  • vehicle exhaust
  • some toys made in China
  • some window blinds

Unfortunately so many warning signs of many toxins or metals mimic other health related issues, it’s challenging to know what a client really has, that is according to our current allopathic methods anyway. This is only one example of why often traditional methods can’t detect core health issues.

In closing, remember what is written in Mathew 7.7: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Perhaps 2012 is the year for those of you with health concerns to begin the journey of seeking to find the answers.


For more information on Bio -Energetic Analysis or to book a reading:

If you mention that you read this blog

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For more examples of what toxins can do you can read:

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Recipient of the Liebster Blog Award

I am both humbled and honoured to be the recipient of the Liebster Blog Award. I enjoy being a part of the Blogging community and sharing my insights, wisdom and knowledge. It is pretty easy to figure out what is going on with me, simply by reading my blogs, as I tend to write about what is happening with my life in the present moment. It feels great to get it out of my mind and release it. I feel that the Blog is the perfect outlet for my doing this. It seems that once I write it out, the issue seems to clear and leave.  My hope is that it will be of some value to others as well.

I would like to thank my friend and fellow Blogger Jackie McSween for this award,  for sparking an interest in painting and for encouragement to participate in her Blog:   I would also like to thank my followers for taking the time out of their busy lives to contribute to the Blogging community and for being actively involved in their personal growth and learning.

For those of you out there who haven’t tried Blogging yet, I would definitely recommend giving it a try and WordPress is a great platform to use. Until I blog again, Thank You!

The Award; The Liebster Blog Award is given to up coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest,dearest, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Authenticity, Improved Communication and a Deeper, more Fulfilling Life

Countless books and articles have been written on communication that explain why sending the right message is so important. They try to teach us how to send exactly the message we want. Authors often stress the importance of being concise, precise, and specific in choosing our words, regardless of whether we write them or speak them. They tell us that this is the best way to get your point across to your audience.
Sometimes we practice what we are going to say. Often we write drafts of our memos and speeches to make sure we use the right words. All this is done to make sure we send the right message, and that we are understood. There have been times in my life that regardless of following communication advise things get rattled, confused and downright messy.
As a Minister, Spiritual Coach and Metaphysical Practitioner, there is a beautiful flow of hearing, receiving, being understood and facilitating change with my clients and students. It’s out in the world where diversity, cultural awareness, stress and busyness and surrounding conditions seem to affect how we relay communication to one another.
I most recently had a 3 month contract as a Business Advisor for a government funded entrepreneur program. I had been facilitating there for two years so when offered an opportunity to work with the clients one-on-one I was thrilled. It was only 3 days a week and left sufficient time for me to continue serving my personal clients from my healing practice.
As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, there is a real satisfaction that comes with supporting and guiding others to create their visions. I loved the clients I worked with, there excitement and ideas. Within a month a strange dynamic with the staff began to take place, communication became strained and at one point was unbearable. From that point on we never seem to got back on track. I really put myself out there, begging for open dialogue, contact, communication….anything to resolve this uncomfortable feeling, NOTHING! For the life of me I just could not figure it out. How could I have vibrant and satisfying relationships with my clients in the program and not the staff working there?
So I prayed, sent love and held the energy for things to open up and change. They did, but not with the staff members or our communications. Instead a beautiful, young entrepreneur from the program,  beginning a healing practice Angelika Bendrich ~ Fundamentals Of Life:   gifted me with a free workshop called:

“Living from Truth – Getting Yourself Understood”

In the words of the facilitator Anjali Hill, ” People often feel victim to their own relationships not realizing that they can do something about them. Not only can you do something about them, you can change them! You have known people who put the responsibility on others to understand them and get angry when they feel misunderstood. In ‘Getting Yourself Understood’ you create ways to express yourself that leave you feeling very satisfied and able to do what is required to bring about real understanding in your relationships.”

Taking Living from Truth is an investment that you will use every day of your life. As a facilitator and Metaphysical Practitioner myself, meeting Anjali was a real privilege. She goes with the flow of the group, is genuine, has fantastic knowledge and leads with compassion. She embodies the kind of knowledge that comes from dedicated practice and unwavering self honesty. When I met her, simply being in her presence caused an inner stirring and excitement of what the weekend would hold.
So where am I only two days after the classes? I now understand the importance of completing communication cycles, heck now I know what a communication cycle is! I know how to ask for clarification without having to ask half a dozen questions, I can assist others in getting their point across simply by holding the space for them to do so and I can pinpoint exactly where communications break down. I now know never to try to communicate into a space that is unwilling or unable to understand, and have left my part-time Advisor position. Most importantly,  I have already used several of the tools successfully and will continue to do so.
Anjali Hill is a very generous woman and gives back to the community. Her commitment to assist individuals to Live in Truth is unprecedented which is demonstrated through her generosity of offering everyone their first course absolutely free with no strings attached…what a fantastic gift to the consciousness of our planet.
For more information on workshop schedules and to download a free gift certificate:

I send my love and gratitude for Angelika whose gift improved my life, to Anjali who preciousness and love changes our world and to God who answered my calls for assistance.

When all Hell Breaks Loose, PAINT

What is Art Therapy?

I found this definition that resonates with me:

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviours and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

In the past I held the belief that I can’t draw, therefore I could never be an artist; today you can hardly get me away from the water colours and paper, I’ve become a crazed lunatic about painting. Sure some of the things I paint are weird, wonderful, unusual and some may border on just plain ugly.  For the first time in many months I’ve been able to release stress, quiet my mind chatter totally and connect to spirit in a new and powerful way, there’s nothing wrong with that!

This is my very first one called “Inception”

In a world where there is a multitude of ways to communicate and express one’s self, art or perhaps art therapy is one that works well for me. I never really thought about it until my friend Jackie McSween and I spent some time together a few months ago and she shared her work and insights from her art with me. Two months later, there I was one day standing in a store with brushes, water colours and paper in my hand, and no idea how or what to do with them.

Other forms of communication often elicit the use of words or language as a means of communication and often times, I may be incapable of expressing myself within that limited form. Painting has been a God send to me, I can tell my boss off, release anger, share my love for nature, express my connection to the Divine, embrace myself;  all without saying one word…how sweet is that?

I would imagine that, as with most any therapy, art as therapy is generally used as a treatment or way to improve one’s emotional state or mental well-being, used to relieve stress or tension, or it can be used as a mode of self-discovery. For me it has been a little of each.

I tried to paint something specific one day and it was a total disaster. The most important thing I’ve found through this process is to just paint, whatever comes out, try not to judge, fix or think. Let the inner child come out and play in whatever way it chooses.

I have also; in 2 short weeks decided that I am a fantastic artist…hmmm, I wonder if that’s how all artist think when they first begin.

Then yesterday; the discovery of all discoveries; I was preparing for a session with a client from San Diego. I was waiting for her call and did my usual “I AM Presence” connection, tuned in and downloaded some info from her guides. While I waited for her phone call I began to paint, and paint and paint. I was quickly informed that the painting was an expression of what was going on in her being and body. Wow, that’s powerful! She called 30 minutes later and I asked her questions related to what I had painted, it was dead on, the colour, the symbols, the conflicts and the greatness. This Art therapy stuff has given my work an entirely new avenue, and I’m truly loving it.

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I feel blessed and send many thanks to Jackie for putting the thought into my soul. I believe that Art Therapy can be effective for people of any age,  individuals, couples, families, or groups in settings such as counselling agencies, schools, treatment centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, correctional institutes, and elder care locations.

So if you are in pain, suffering emotionally, angry or happy and joyous, pick up some paper and start doodling,  I guarantee you will find freedom or liberation in some form, likely the one you need most.

For more information on how to get your art in all forms out there click on to  Jackie’s blog: 

Over and out, there’s a blank paper calling my name,

Blessings to all and your creations…Rev. Carol Lefevre B.Msc.