Happy 2017

Good Morning World! Happy 2017

I realized I didn’t much blog last year, at all! I did however write a book. I sent it off to several publishers just before mercury went retrograde in December 2016, fingers crossed I’ll be a published author soon.

My year definitely started off with an unusual twist. I usually spend the first day setting up my vision board for the new year. Last year I created a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that I transformed into a screensaver that changed every 15 seconds so I could watch it each morning and run through my affirmations while tapping them into my consciousness via my thymus.

This year I fell ill just as the new year was approaching and I was too sick to dedicate much time and energy to my visions. However, I did attempt to start several times but just couldn’t follow through. On January 2nd, I was taken away by ambulance because my throat closed and I couldn’t breathe. I lay in the hospital for hours, unable to sleep with the constant chatter of nurses, doctors and other sick patients. In my room the constant noise of machines spitting up of reports, beeping when my breathing changed, blood pressure pump starting up every 15 minutes, heart monitor, etc. was not conducive to sleep.

I lay there trying to block out the obtrusive florescent lighting and crazy sounds. I began thinking of my health, I’m a fairly healthy person, heck I’m in the business of keeping people healthy. I hike daily for one to one and a half hours in an old growth forest filled with copious amounts of oxygen. I came to the conclusion I was simply cleansing and purging from the year. 2016 was a challenging year, not only for me but for many of us.

I sold my house, ended a twelve-year relationship and moved to a city where I didn’t know anyone on Vancouver Island. I followed my guidance and ended up here in Nanaimo, BC. In fact, I completed several relationships, some with family that broke my heart, some with friends that also broke my heart and some with students, again heart breaking. As I write, I realize just heart breaking 2016 was for me and I am suddenly overwhelmed by my strength and endurance. Listening to that little voice and following our divine plan is not always easy, but I know something awesome will come of it all.

So, yes, I have lots of cleansing to do. I woke up today feeling alive, spiritually alive for the first time since I moved here in August. I have been loving being in nature every day and in constant gratitude, but something just didn’t click. It was like I lost my mojo. I was still following spiritual practice but not whole heartedly.

I started today by sitting in bed with a awesome dark roast cup of coffee in one hand and my journal in the other. Maggie my little schnoodle lay curled up at the end of the bed, opening an eye and looking at me now and then. I pondered what to do and decided to activate my Merkabah. I decided to take several holograms out into the time space continuum for clearing and healing. I chose a focus (my book getting published) and saw what turned up. The holograms that showed up surprised me; Success, Fame, Acknowledgement, Financial Freedom and Creativity. I brought them to the time space continuum and cleaned them up, next to Cosmic Consciousness and filled with them gold, then off to Source and added to each what they asked for.

Success wanted to be connected to the other holograms, Fame wanted influence to assist the masses, Acknowledgement wanted rewards of sorts, Financial Freedom wanted ability to assist and contribute and Creativity wanted to be inspired by Source to assist the collective consciousness to move forward. I filled them all with what they required and brought them back to my physical body. Then I just sat there just thinking, “Huh”.

Next, I decided to pull a card from my deck, WISDOM OF THE HIDDEN REALMS – by Colette Baron-Reid & Jena Della Grottaglia … to decide what my focus for the month should be. I got the Ice Queen.


“Ice Queen  ~  28  ~

ideas preserved, non-action, entitlement

The Ice Queen has come to block your movement for your highest good.  Let your ideas be preserved until later.  You can thaw them out and use them at another time when they will best serve.

The realm of the Ice Queen is the place of nonaction, and now is a perfect time to take a look at how far you’ve come and to ask yourself for a reclarification of your highest goals.

Not all plans can be accomplished at this moment.  In fact, putting them on ice allows for the perfect timing later on.  Don’t be too hasty in trying to reach your goal.  An even better one will present itself if you surrender and spend the winter with the Ice Queen.

Perhaps too, you are trying to do too many things at once.  This is a good occasion to choose only one thing to focus on and let the Ice Queen put the others in the deep freeze until a more appropriate time.  She’ll let you know when it’s time to let them thaw.”

Wow, it suddenly dawned on me. I try to do too much! Like in a big, huge way too much. Take last years’ vision board for instance, it was 33 pages. I must be insane, make no wonder my life went into turmoil! How can one person expect to do or change so many things and have life purr along without consequence? So, I stopped, and chose to focus on what I had just done, my Merkabah activations. I will continue with them throughout January.

I hopped out of bed, thrilled with myself for not adding too much to my plate and began preparing some food. I do tend to eat strange things for breakfast so if this might sound weird. I chose a bunch of spinach and a half of left over chicken breast from yesterday. I just put the spinach in the pan right from the sink after rinsing it so I didn’t need oil. Once it was half cooked I sliced up my chicken placed it on top and added some miso gravy. I chose a smaller plate than normal and instead of putting it all onto the dish, I took two thirds.

As I sat down, I could tell a shift had occurred. I decided to become the observer and watch. I began with a prayer of gratitude than began to eat. I made a conscious choice to put my fork down after each bite. I made eating a meditation, I felt my food. The texture, the taste, the sensation of my body accepting this nutritious meal. I took my time, chewed and finished each mouthful completely before shoveling in the next bite. No distractions, no TV, no music, no reading, just me and my food. In that moment, I made the commitment to eat all my meals like this from now on. No more shoveling food in to fill the hunger between clients or activities, no more eating on the run, no more reading at the dinner table, just me honouring the food and its healing effects on my body.

There is a minimum of eight levels of consciousness required for this choice alone.

  • Give gratitude while preparing food
  • Take only 2/3 of what is prepared
  • Make a prayer of thanks to the elementals beings who provided the food (vegetables, fruits or animals)
  • Remove all distractions, TV or reading/writing
  • Take a bite and chew it, feel it and taste it, then finish it (3 things)
  • Take another bite and do the same until complete

Then there was my second epiphany for the morning regarding doing too much. If my only vision for the year was say, health, what would that include? Well there’s the element of food which includes healthy choices, cooking styles, preparation and how to eat healthy. Then there’s activity, fitting in time, which type of activities support your body type, regularity and taking care of your post work out body with stretching and body rolling. Then there’s supplementation, making sure your nutritionally sound and taking the appropriate supplements for your body type based on your food and activities. Then there’s getting out and having fun and being fulfilled, that is critical to our health. What about balance?

My God, making one choice, just to be healthy includes changing our consciousness about literally dozens of things!!! No wonder so many people fail their new year’s resolutions. I’m pretty sure my vision board this year will only have a 3 items on it for 2017. Those alone will morph into dozens of positive modifications … yup, I’m sure glad the Ice Queen showed up this morning.

I’d like to end my first blog of the year with a video for you all, blessings…carol



What is Spiritual Coaching?

Who is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is similar to a life coach only for those on a spiritual path or those who would like to become more self-aware. Instead of focusing on external factors of your life, a spiritual coach focuses on the inner workings of your mind, body, and soul. Spiritual coaches assists you in the process of self-discovery and spirituality which in turn can be used to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. This type of coaching can assist you to break free of  lifetime’s worth of limitations, suffering, pain and help you find real joy and true peace.

Research shows that things such as positive beliefs, comfort and strength gained from religion, meditation and prayer can contribute to healing and a sense of well-being. Improving our spiritual health may not cure an illness, but it may help us feel better, prevent some health problems and help us cope better with illness or death.

Religious and spiritual beliefs are an important part of how many people deal with life’s joys, prosperity and hardships. Faith can provide people with a sense of purpose and clearer guidelines for living and insights into the self.

This type of coaching leads client’s to deep personal transformation. Coaches help their clients improve certain areas of their life, such as determining their spiritual path, how to proceed on their spiritual journey, and how to shrug off the negative events that seem to occur daily.  Spiritual coaches often facilitate a process that teaches you to how to live from a higher level of conscious awareness, how to deal with your feelings, needs, desires, dreams and goals and then manifest them.

The Concept

The concept that we create our own reality is more widespread than ever before. In our parent’s generation and before, this concept was known only to a few. Those few were mainly mystics and shamans. Now discoveries and experiments in quantum physics prove the truth of this concept. Mystics, shamans and some quantum physicists know that we create our reality by our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

We are actually more powerful than we can even imagine. For most of us, though, our experience tells us something entirely different. We feel that we are at the mercy of an outward reality, the victims of circumstances beyond our control. We work harder and harder, thinking that if only we have more money, more time, the right pill, the right family, more love, or a better job that we will finally be whole and happy. We try to change and control the circumstances and people around us in order to feel empowered.

As a Minister and Metaphysical Practitioner, Carol understands about trying to change and control things outside of ourselves such as power. When the energy of the soul is recognized, acknowledged, and valued, it begins to infuse the life of the personality. When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul it is authentic empowerment. This is the goal of the evolutionary process in which we are involved and the reason for our being.

Carol chose the name Soul Alchemy Healing because it describes how this process from external power to authentic power happens. The true transmutation that comes from aligning the personality with the energy of our soul can only be done by a journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. This process of miraculous change happens by taking a journey inside.


The spiritual tools, techniques, exercises and disciplines taught through the spiritual coaching techniques at Soul Alchemy Healing are pathways to our inner world. This journey within enables students and clients to become aware of how they see and experience their lives, getting them in touch with their underlying and unconscious beliefs, perceptions and thoughts. Without this awareness we are at the mercy of a reality created by our unconscious beliefs.

Awareness is only the first step in the alchemical process. The Talmud says, “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” If we believe ourselves, and therefore our souls, to be unlovable, unworthy, and powerless, then we will experience ourselves to be these things. The Truth is that each soul is a unique expression of the Divine, a spark from the flame that is the Creator. Awareness shows us what our beliefs are and how those beliefs have actually created our reality. By becoming aware, we can then change our beliefs.


Changing what we say we believe is not enough because supporting our old beliefs are habitual thought, perceptual and energetic patterns. These habitual patterns have to be changed also in order for lasting transformation to occur. Working with these habitual patterns requires us to develop and maintain a spiritual practice. The tools, techniques and exercises taught through Soul Alchemy can be used by clients and students to develop their own unique spiritual practice, which can bring every aspect of their lives into alignment with their divine essence. This is authentic empowerment.

2012 Energy

As you may know 2012 will be an intense year for spiritual growth, one where there is an immense amount of light on the planet. This could be the start of a new journey for many of you that will move you effectively into one of the most astonishing astronomical events that will mark the end of our age.

I have put a very special offer together for those of you who would like to do a series of very in-depth and powerful work on yourselves. It will include working on every chakra including any  issues/gifts that come with delving into each, how to effectively function on each of the 7 Rays, initiations from Masters of the Rays, becoming more intuitive, meditations, breathing and becoming more energy than matter and creating the new paradigm you desire! This will set up in two hour coaching sessions per month, a $2,700.00 value that I am offering to you for only $780.00 if you sign up and pay for it before the end of 2011. These sessions can be done via telephone, skype or in person.

Check out my website: to learn more about me and to see some of the services I offer.

For those of you who would like to charge it you can go through paypal on my website, although I will add an additional $33.00 for this service to cover my costs. If you’d like to go through paypal send me and email and I will explain how you can do it.

Blessings for a New Year of Love and Growth

May you be blessed with miraculous and unforeseen abundance at every turn.

May the heavens pour down upon you more joy, love, laughter and more money than you could ever have dreamed would come your way.

May the sun shine its golden light of prosperity through every aspect of your business and your being each and every day.

May you be willing, simply willing, to allow the Universe to shower you
with wonder and magic.

May your victories be more abundant then all the grains of sands, on all the beaches and oceans in the entire world.

May the Arch-Angels wrap you in their shining wings of gentle love, bliss, happiness and protection.

May the fairies deliver to you their pot of gold at the end of their majestic rainbows.

May your eyes shine with the glorious truth of who you really are and may that truth uplift others in your presence to their own inner knowing.

May you taste the deliciousness of every precious bite of life as your
life unfolds moment by moment with amazing grace, heartfelt love and bountiful blessings.

As this day ends, may you be filled with enduring peace and profound gratitude for the successes in your life.

May the last thing you think at the end of each day be Thank You as you rest your head and drift off to sleep!


2011, Love and Spiritual Discernment

Happy New Year to our Friends in New Zealand!!!

I am so excited that it is New Year’s Eve here.  Every year I spend about 2 weeks before the end of the year collecting magazines in preparation for my vision board. I have been doing this for 12 years now and it is my annual ritual. Traditionally, I choose one piece for the center and work my way out from there. It generally defines my main focus. This year I found the most amazing page in a magazine called “Sacred Fire” You open it up and there are two pages side by side.  It is a photograph of a small fern pushing its way through a crack in a large rock. The caption, “The Whole World is Speaking” and on the other page “Listen Deeply, be in conversation with the world” There are a few more words I would like to share that really resonate with me, they are:

Be still a moment. Listen with your heart. There are beings all around you. Don’t be afraid to hear them.

  • The Ancestors
  • The Elders
  • The living spirits of nature

With their guidance we will strive together!

How perfect is this, I could just take this paste it to my board and I’m done here!

Today I really wanted to blog about spiritual discernment and the importance of it.  I would also like to talk about love since that word is put out into the cosmos so often these days without much thought as to the real meaning.  I racked my brain for hours, writing, deleting, writing, changing, re-writing and so on.  Then I was given a truly beautiful gift; I found exactly what I wanted to say in the perfect words of another. This is what Steve Sakellarios has to say about spiritual discernment:

Here’s a difficult principle, especially in Western society. Everybody’s partly right. And everybody is also partly wrong. Nobody has the whole truth (except the Realized master), and nobody’s without some part of it. This understanding derives from the metaphysical principle of manifestation, and the law, “As above, so below”. Everything in the manifested/reflected universe expresses some degree of the Truth. Everything in this manifested/reflected universe likewise expresses some aspect of the Truth. Here, in the world we experience, from the standpoint of our individual egos, each of us has something valid to say. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is all equally valid. Take the example we’ve used before, of the branches and the tree. All branches are connected to the tree, and are meaningless when dissociated from the tree. But there are huge stout branches, supporting many smaller ones, and there are tiny branches. Spiritual discernment means determining what kind of branch you are looking at and what its relation is to the “Tree” is. This is not just an intellectual process-it requires a blending of head and heart, it is an intuitive process. The correct attitude is that everybody is progressing toward the Truth, and that each has his story to tell and his part of the larger story to unfold. Discern who they are, respect them and study their lives, and the rest falls into place.

Now let’s talk about Love.

What is love? Times have changed, countries have been impacted and so has the definition of the word love. No matter how you define it or feel it, love is an eternal truth in the history of mankind.  Depending on context, love comes in unique and different varieties; romantic, platonic, familial and spiritual love just to name a few. The meaning of love will change with each person and within each relationship, situation and within the concept, depth, versatility, and complexity of the condition. I am always brought to tears with the traditional words of love that we hear at weddings, you may remember this:

Love is patient, love is kind. It has no envy, nor it boasts itself and it is never proud. It rejoices over the evil and is the truth seeker. Love protects; preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life. Always stand steadfast in love, not fall into it. It is like the dream of your matter of affection coming true.  Love can occur between two or more individuals. It bonds them and connects them in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence. It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul. Love should be experienced and not just felt. The depth of love cannot be measured.

Perhaps the tears come because I know that I have not personally mastered love. I strive for it, I continually endeavor to be a light bearer of love and still the Mastery level of love eludes me. Perhaps I will never realize the full expression and feeling of love here in 3D, even though I tell people I love them every day. At times I do capture fleeting expressions and blissful feelings of it at the deepest core of my being. Perhaps it will continue to elude me until I have returned home.

For now, I believe that if  I choose to focus on the goodness of other people that I can create love. We all have positive aspects within us, these days I focus on that goodness to help me get through the tough times.

Well my friends, I bid you a fantastic year end and blessings for all the new possibilities you will manifest in 2011.

With Love, in the best way I can offer it,