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Hep C, the Law of Attraction and Creating our own Reality

Good Morning Everyone,

I recently received an email that read, “I’m sorry to hear about your Hep C, for someone who does such good and caring work, one has to wonder spirit’s purpose for afflicting this on you. I wish you all the best on your journey and look forward to your future blogs, take care.”

I have addressed how I physically came into contact with the hep C virus, and now I’d like to address it from more of a metaphysical view point. For those of you who don’t remember I hold a B. Msc. in Metaphysical Science, this is right up my alley. I would like to begin with a statement “I am an incredible and masterful manifestor”.  I understand that intention needs emotion and energy to move it, I understand the influence of polarity, the time space continuum and the list goes on. In fact I have been known to manifest items quite instantaneously;  like an empty table in a full pub holding 2 dozen hot wings and a pint of beer just as I walk in the door…oh and it is exactly what I was going to order before I arrived, and belongs to no one else there…pure magic. I have been teaching a Manifesting Workshop for 12 plus years and working diligently on the tools I encourage others to use so I like to demonstrate how it’s done in our everyday lives…walk my own talk and all that.

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Since 2010 I have been manifesting the time and space for me. I have been focusing on my process, my healing, my psyche, me, my, mine!!! I began working on my will-power, and got it mastered except for one area. Wine and cheese. I don’t know if it my Taurus sun or my moon and ascendant in Libra, but when it comes to great food and wine I am a true hedonist.

I know it sounds silly, but I can justify a glass or two or three of wine like no buddies business. I have quit drinking for months at a time, only to jump right back in, I really just love the taste, aroma or nose, textures and body of wine!

I decided it was time to live a more balanced lifestyle, turns out I could still justify the wine, there is always a B-day, anniversary, holidays, long weekends, hot summer days and of course stress! As with any issue that continually presents itself to me, I begin my dissection process…after all, I I figure if it’s bugging me and in my face, it is an issue, right? After a meditation one day I was discouraged with myself, feeling guilty and ashamed that I couldn’t get this piece, oh and after a good mental flogging, I made a choice.  I was in an emotional charged state, with big energy and visualized myself alcohol free, with a watermelon smoothie and I gave gratitude to the Universe for its support in giving up the wine and living a more balanced lifestyle. Three months later I have elevated liver enzymes and within another three months I am diagnosed with Hep C. Yesterday I sat in the sun for an hour, drinking a strawberry and watermelon smoothie and thought, “this isn’t so bad, tasted great, has texture and aroma…I could definitely give up a wine spritzer for this. I’m telling you I am a “master manifestor.”

In the throes of dealing with some of my shadow stuff, I re-connected with a book I read in 1994, “Your Secret Self”. It’s an astrology book with guidelines on how to heal and deal with placements in the twelfth house. The twelfth house represents our unconscious mind, and I love to go there.

I have Pluto in Scorpio conjunct my North Node in the twelfth house. Confused? I know, you gotta know a little about astrology for this piece. The bottom line is that there is some tricky stuff for me to deal with in my unconscious mind. The three biggest pieces are:

  1. it’s OK if I’m not always a nice person, even if I’m a healer and trying to shift humanity, I have a shadow side! I don’t have to like everyone, it’s OK to swear, expressing my anger doesn’t mean I’m a bad person,  healers can get sick too and I love wine and cheese!
  2. WHAT…I’ve been trying to keep that thing locked in the closet for 50 plus years…yikes.  Apparently I can turn these dark sides and shadows into good forces in my life if I embrace and love them. So I decided to start with my Hep C…by embracing it and sharing my story with all those spirit puts in my blogs path.

On the flip side, the other two pieces of the twelfth house puzzle are easier to deal with:

  1. I would benefit by a career in the health profession and holistic and spiritual practices.
  2. This placement has more than any other twelfth house placements, a greater resourcefulness and a reservoir of inner power to draw upon in times of stress and I will create situations and circumstances to heal my shadow and prove this to myself.

So, back to creating our own reality…

Ten days ago when my cousin Juanita was here visiting, her husband really wanted to go camping, fishing and gold panning. I (through the assistance of the Universe of course) was given the opportunity to create an incredible 3 day holiday at the lake with friends. Walter got to fish, camp and even go on a gold adventure. Turns out our friends just happened to have those exact days off and have a deluxe spot at Nicola Lake, I love how manifesting works.

While there I noticed this very cool little trailer and asked who lived there, said I’d like to connect. The locals call her the Gypsy lady, and said she’s not around much. Thirty minutes later, guess who pulled into the grounds? I walked by a water ski and got all excited, thinking about how I’d love to go for a ski, 45 min later someone came over and asked if someone would like to go water skiing, they needed a spotter. Juanita and I went for a walk and I mentioned it would be nice to go for a canoe ride. Later while talking to Gypsy lady, thanked her for creating such lovely energy in her space. She told me that her friends come kayaking and wondered if I had a kayak…you guessed it, someone showed up and told me we could use their canoe or kayak anytime while we were there!

Perhaps everyone is creating and manifesting more than they realize, they just don’t give credence or gratitude for the awesome everyday things, I can’t say for sure. Small things like…hmmm, here’s and example…Juanita and I were in one of those blow up tube things you can sit in on the water, cooling down and being oh so grateful that we manifested this sweet little toy when a thought, vision and feeling came over me, “If we had some paddles we could paddle out and let the current pull us back in, it would be so much easier”. In that instant I saw the light go on, then she added her thoughts, vision, feelings and energy to the idea…2 minutes later we passed our friends boat and waiting for us, you got it 2 paddles. The power of two or more when manifesting is a beautiful thing. My week with Juanita showed me how much easier it is when two or more come together with the same vision.

So there’s an important lesson I’ve learned in my years of manifesting, and that is this: If you ask and then you receive, follow through and be grateful!!!

Ask yourself this, “If I ask the Universe for something, then I receive it and don’t follow through, what message will that send?” For instance, when I had the opportunity to go water skiing, did I say “no thanks, I haven’t done that for years, I’m too old?” NO…but I can tell you I could hear everyone else thinking it. While I was making my grand come back I realized I hadn’t been on a slalom ski since 1989 and oh ya, “I’m not wearing a wetsuit either!” I did great, I popped right up on one ski, had three good runs, and survived a miraculous triple cartwheel across the water on my final wipe out. Fun? Hell yes…dumb, perhaps I could have been a little more prepared and less excited.

So here’s something for you to think about…what if we drifted by the boat and were too lazy to get out and pick up the paddles that we asked the Universe for? What if I didn’t go and acknowledge Gypsy lady and her fab energy? What if I never followed through with those little things I manifest? You heard of the little boy who cried wolf, right! Would the Universe continue to gift me with these items or would it think I was crying wolf too?

With that being said I take full 100% responsibly for my Hep C situation. This virus can lead to liver cancer if gone untreated. I know that, and  although I am all for healthy, holistic ways of healing I know that the allopathic system and  medicine has its place. I might be an extremist but I’m not ignorant. Following an extreme natural supplement regiment and intend to prove that doing so will shed the virus in record time…that’s my new manifestation by the way! I am in gratitude that the Universe has supported my once again in my visions, dreams and personal goals for myself…so remember, watch your hopes, wishes and dreams like a hawk and when you get what you asked for, acknowledge it, give gratitude and follow through!

In total love and gratitude,